Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022

Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022

Over the past decade, Cloudera has matured to become a leading-edge technology company, supporting a diverse range of customers, across the globe. At Cloudera, we are passionate about helping our customers identify opportunities for innovation and growth, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation, and aiding them to solve some of societies’ largest challenges.

None of this would be possible however, without the dedication of our people across the globe. We have grown into a diverse and inclusive global team of >3,000 employees, where our core values focus on integrity, equality, commitment and an openness to challenge the status quo. We want Cloudera to be recognized as an organization where employees can be hugely successful, where everyone can contribute to developing a strong culture, and where any individual, irrespective of role, has the ability to drive change. Paramount to this has been our commitment to removing gender bias across all facets of the business, and ensuring Cloudera fosters an environment where women are recognized and represented in leadership positions and key roles, across all disciplines.

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded amongst the Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022. We have a strong leadership team in place, and we have hired some of the best and brightest talent in the industry. So why has Cloudera been recognized for this award, you might ask? Below is some of the feedback from the GPTW Institute.

  • Strong proportionate representation of females already in management and senior management positions
  • Strong positive female sentiment in the GPTW employee survey, specifically on responses related to career development opportunities, progression and fairness in workplace
  • Excellent focus in our Culture Audit submission, on removing gender bias from all forms of decision making 
  • Commitment to our external communities, building relationships across academia and various networking forums, to inspire more females to work in our industry

Finally, to bring this award to life, we wanted to share some experiences from across our business. These fantastic personal reflections showcase that we have laid solid foundations, and are positioning ourselves at the forefront of our industry. We all make Cloudera a GREAT PLACE TO WORK

Another exciting day for Cloudera as our Ireland Center of Excellence (COE) has been listed as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland’ by ‘Great Place To Work’.

To have already been awarded GPTW certification back in October was a fantastic achievement, but as a woman working in the tech industry, this accolade has made me even more proud. 

In my almost 5 year tenure here at Cloudera I have been privileged to witness the unprecedented growth and change within our business. I was hire number 39 out of Cork, and we now stand at 210 and counting. 

With growth, comes change, but the one thing that has never dipped is the incredible culture we have fostered here in our Cork office. We have developed a wonderful sense of camaraderie and belonging where everyone can feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

In the last 2 years we have grown our female leadership from 27% to 46% in our Cork office, meaning everyday within the Cork COE we are surrounded by ambitious and supportive women who are helping to move the needle of gender diversity in the tech space and challenge the status quo.

We all support each other, build each other up, mentor each other, but most of all have fun with each other. That’s thanks to the inclusive culture that’s been embedded right from the start at Cloudera.

I feel extremely lucky that during my tenure I’ve had great female role models and mentors, supportive male allies and an overall wonderful experience as a woman in Cloudera. I am looking forward to the future and excited about what’s to come. 

Since joining Cloudera in April 2020 I have felt nothing but support and encouragement from leadership, both within my direct team and the wider Cloudera team. DE&I is incredibly important to Cloudera. As a member of the US GL accounting team I am part of a team that is 70% female across different levels– this is not something I have experienced with previous companies but is a great departure from the norm. 

It’s great to work daily with women from different backgrounds and levels and share experiences and knowledge with each other. Seeing representation of my gender at all levels across Cloudera is inspiring. 

I am not surprised Cloudera has received the reward for Best Workplace for Women. The Cork office in particular is paving the way for gender balance with 47% women – an excellent stat for any company! Effort, ability and most importantly good fit are the main criteria used to hire  – not your gender. 

The Cork office has grown considerably since the start of 2020 and has kept DE&I at the forefront when hiring. Cloudera promotes and champions an open culture for all, regardless of gender and that is clear throughout the hiring process and beyond. It’s great to work in such a fair and diverse environment, something I think a lot of Clouderans would agree with, both male and female.

Here at Cloudera, we make the workplace better for everybody by understanding them as a whole person, who they are beyond their role, and beyond the workplace. I’m not just an Engineering Program Manager, I’m also acknowledged and supported as a busy mom to three young boys. 

Balancing work and home can be stressful for many women in the workplace, and Cloudera has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to mental well-being and a focus on “Family First” as a key value driver. Not only am I encouraged, empowered and supported to do my best work, but I’m also given the flexibility to attend childcare or other family commitments as needed.  When I was exploring positions and going through interviews, I wanted to make sure I chose a company that placed the same values on family as I do. 

I’m proud to work at a company where I can tell my boys that instead of wearing glass slippers, their mom is breaking the glass ceiling in Engineering. 

When I joined Cloudera 18 months ago, I quickly learned that this was a company where DE&I values were truly reflected in the company’s culture & ethos. Cloudera is consistently committed to building a more diverse environment and continues to work on building this environment day in day out. With a strong focus on such efforts, it did not surprise me to hear the fantastic news of Cloudera now being recognised as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland’, by Great Places To Work, a truly deserved accolade.

From my own personal experience working at Cloudera, I have been supported & encouraged by management & peers every step of the way, and in my short tenure successfully succeeded in moving up in my career to a new role within the company. My ambition to move into this role was met with little to no resistance, I was encouraged & given the support needed to be successful in this opportunity. This was unfamilliar for me, recalling prior experiences in my career, and demonstrated the commitment Cloudera had towards females in succeeding & moving upwards on the career ladder.

Being part of a company with the recognition of a great place for women to work is an attribute I will celebrate, it’s something to be proud of and share with peers. I’m excited to see what Cloudera has planned for the future & I have no doubt will continue to achieve much more in the Great Place To Work space!

From my very first interactions with Cloudera as I went through the interview process, I knew I’d found my tribe. Not only are we focused on cutting edge cloud technology but everyone I spoke to, right up to VP level, was focused on people and what I could bring to the team as a leader and people manager. 

As a mum of 2 teenagers, my life is very busy but Cloudera allows me to take full advantage of the flexibility of working from home and across time zones while also providing opportunities to grow and develop. The unplug days are a huge factor in this as well as a source of jealousy among my friends and family. 

After only 18 months here, I’ve already been given the opportunity to step up into a new role at director level which has been an ambition of mine for some time. The support and encouragement I have received from the leadership team is second to none. 

The number of women in Cloudera in Cork in every type of role but in particular in senior leadership roles is a joy to see. The focus on D&I in all its facets is very obvious and paying dividends. In the short time I’ve been here, we went from no female representation at the C-Level to 2 women in recent times. Plenty more room for improvement but we are moving in the right direction without a doubt. 

The collaborative cross team efforts and a sense of fun and enthusiasm in everything we do has made working here a truly enjoyable experience and a very well deserved Great Place to Work for women!

‘We strive for equality’, for me is one of the standout values within Cloudera’s Code. One of the reasons I love working in Cloudera is that it fosters a culture of inclusion, where diversity across the workforce is encouraged and valued. The company recognises the challenges women face in the workforce and goes above and beyond to ensure that women are supported and encouraged to advance their skills and leadership potential. 

I joined the company three years ago and since then Cloudera has empowered me to progress in my career and given me recognition for my work. Cloudera has also provided me with the opportunity for personal development through its Education Reimbursement Program, allowing me to return to University to complete academic studies external to Cloudera. 

Personally, I really value the company’s commitment to its employees’ mental and physical health, giving time back to employees to have a better work life balance through its ‘Unplug Program’. It’s clear to see why Cloudera has been listed as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022’. Its ‘People First’ approach has helped to create a positive and supportive workplace for women. I am very proud to work for a company which values the diversity its female employees bring to the organization. 

As an intern it is extremely inspiring to be surrounded by so many intelligent and talented women in Cloudera.  It gives me great reassurance that my gender will not hold me back when it comes to achieving my career goals. 

During my time here, I have encountered and worked alongside so many incredible people, the majority of whom are women. My first interaction with Cloudera was when I was interviewed by two females. At the time I was surprised by this as I felt there was a preconceived notion that the world of business and technology was predominantly male led. Working at Cloudera gives me confidence that this stereotypical view of the technology industry being ‘men in suits’ is no longer the case. One of my favorite things about Cloudera is its inclusive environment, no matter what a person’s position in the company, gender etc, everyone is seen as equal. I have never once felt like I was at a disadvantage because I am a woman and I have constantly been encouraged to be curious and to make the most of this internship.

Cloudera is a company that encourages every single individual to be their best self, so it came as no surprise to me when I was told Cloudera was listed as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland 2022’. I’m extremely lucky to be able to lay the foundations of my career in such an open minded inclusive company and be surrounded by so many supportive and talented people. As a young woman just starting out in my career, I think it is so important to have female role models in the industry to lead by example. My time in Cloudera has shown me that you can be both female and have a managerial or director role and be seen as equal. I feel so grateful that in my first experience working in the ‘real world’ I have so many amazing women to look up to and learn from.

When I joined Cloudera 2 years ago, I found myself immersed in a mandatory DE&I training during my first week here. I thought, wow, they really care about this. Fast forward 2 years and I haven’t stopped learning about the importance of having diverse, equal and inclusive teams. The genuine and consistent evaluation of DE&I at Cloudera is something which I’m personally very proud of. 

Shortly after joining Cloudera, it became apparent to me how heavily male dominated the Tech industry was. While this might seem like a naive statement, I gained this greater awareness of the importance of DE&I because Cloudera actively taught me about it. I am now continuously equipped with an arsenal of information about things like how to be an ally, how to help make people feel included and how to respectfully challenge topics like gender gaps in leadership.

I had a burning ambition to navigate my sales career into sales leadership. As great as my ambition was, I didn’t have management experience. That didn’t stop Cloudera giving me the opportunity to gain it though. Within 18 months, I had secured a promotion as the Inside Sales Team Lead. 

This success was most definitely a group effort. I received regular encouragement and coaching from my manager and I was delegated tasks to help me grow into the role too. I’m incredibly grateful to have received amazing mentorship from women in leadership roles at Cloudera. Having a network of inspirational female leaders here is both incredibly motivational and empowering and they have had such a positive impact on my time at Cloudera. 

Jamie Griffin
Sr Director, Global Commercial Operations
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