A Talented Team, Innovative Technology, and The Opportunity to Grow. There Is No Place Like Cloudera

A Talented Team, Innovative Technology, and The Opportunity to Grow. There Is No Place Like Cloudera

I started my current career path with Hortonworks in 2016, back when we still had to tell people what Hadoop was. Once I got to work with all the amazing open-source Apache tools I was hooked. I found Apache NiFi especially interesting. Soon after, I became a huge fan of Apache Kafka. Coupled with amazing technology was an amazing team that only grew and improved with the merger with Cloudera.

When the pandemic hit, I found myself needing a bit of change. An opportunity to pursue an exciting new project at a major fortune 500 company came up and I decided to give it a try.  

The grass isn’t always greener

While the opportunity was exciting, I realized that I missed the old team, the open-source environment, innovative projects, and Cloudera overall. Then, a respected streaming leader at Cloudera reached out and shared that it was time to push the Dream Stream Team forwardI was all over it and jumped back in head first. 

Upon my return, I was provided the opportunity to attend Cloudera’s Sales Kick-Off (SKO) which, despite being away for a year, meant that I had attended every in-person SKO since 2017. My first year in attendance, we had such a large new group that we had to have our own YASK (yet another sales kick-off). We were such an amazing class of extraordinary individuals, we made a phenomenal team. It was with this team that I was able to grow into a principal engineer. Today, many of those same team members are still here at Cloudera driving the new ultramodern data platform. 

The community at Cloudera and the group of ever-expanding talented individuals make Cloudera an exciting place to work. The fact that we’re part of a greater open-source community makes it all even more incredible. 

Yes, the days of Hadoop are gone, but we did the impossible and built an even better data platform while still empowering open-source and the different teams. There is no other company quite like this. I believe that now more than ever having had more experience in other top organizations. 

New opportunities in my area of passion

Today, I have a bold new role in which I reach out to developers, data engineers, data scientists, programmers, administrators, and what I am calling “Citizen Streaming Engineers,” to show them the new world of open-source streaming and what anyone can build with this open-source technology. In the near future, I’ll be presenting in Halifax’s Community Over Code, discussing Cloudera’s open-source projects. It’s the Apache Software Foundation’s biggest event of the year. It’s a great celebration of the inspiring community that is open-source software and I’m honored to be part of it all. I’m especially happy to be representing Cloudera. 

If a career in innovative technology is what you want and you’re excited about the open-source community, Cloudera might be the place for you. See what opportunities we have available

Tim Spann
Principal Developer Advocate
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