A Look Ahead at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

A Look Ahead at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

As we enter into a new month, the Cloudera team is getting ready to head off to the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida for one of the most important events of the year for Chief Data Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and the field of data and analytics. We’re at a crucial point in time where the excitement and potential surrounding AI has elevated the importance of improving access to the mission-critical data that helps organizations implement it at scale. 

This year, members of the Cloudera team will be hosting speaking sessions during the event where we’ll be sharing insights around generative AI and the tools needed to leverage emerging technologies at enterprise scale. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be up to during the event: 

Understanding and Overcoming the Limits of Large Language Models

The potential for AI, and particularly tools like Large Language Models (LLMs), is vast, but that doesn’t come without drawbacks and complications. Even with all the advancements surrounding these technologies, there’s still a critical role for human involvement in fueling these models and generating the best possible business outcomes. 

On day two of the summit, March 11 at 5:55 pm EDT, Cloudera Principal Solutions Engineer, Ian Brooks, will be diving into LLMs and exploring how important human involvement is to improving the outputs from those LLMs as part of his presentation, How To Improve AI Systems? Add a Human To The Loop: An Introduction to RLHF & DPO.

Delivering a Competitive Edge with AI at Scale

The hype cycle with AI is intense and growing by the day. There’s a vast sea of opportunity when it comes to scaling the technology at an enterprise level, creating new use cases and driving greater value. With a deep level of expertise and understanding when it comes to tapping into AI, the conference presents a unique chance to highlight learnings from those who have reached those goals successfully. 

On day three of the summit, March 12 at 11:00 am EDT, Cloudera’s Technical Evangelism Director, Jake Bengston, will be a part of the session, Game-Changing Gen AI: Advancing from Pilot to Production at Enterprise Scale. Together with Heeje Cho, senior data engineer at Illumina, and Gregory Floyd, IT Enterprise Architect, Specialist at Southern Company, the session will cover a mix of stories and lessons learned from some of the most seasoned AI leaders at global enterprises. Jake, Heeje, and Gregory will hit on everything from generative AI best practices to follow, avoidable pitfalls, and other learnings aimed to help listeners achieve production-ready generative AI and gain a competitive edge. 

This year’s summit is set to be an exciting deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of AI and data and analytics bringing together some of the most innovative companies in the space. In addition to our speaking sessions, attendees can also stop by booth #1534 on-site to connect with Cloudera experts or just have a little fun playing some life-size Jenga or on our Nintendo Switch.

Learn more about this year’s summit and the full lineup of activities and speaking sessions. 

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Senior Director, Global Communications & Analyst Relations
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