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HBaseCon 2013: "Ecosystem" Track Preview

Unbelievably, HBaseCon 2013 is only one week away (June 13 in San Francisco)!

HBaseCon 2013: "Internals" Track Preview

As we march toward HBaseCon 2013 (June 13 in San Francisco), it’s time to bring you a preview of the Internals track (see the Operations track preview here) — the track guaranteed to be of most interest to Apache HBase developers and other people tracking the progress of the code base.

HBaseCon 2013: "Operations" Track Preview

As you have probably learned by now, HBaseCon 2013 sessions are organized into four tracks: Operations, Internals, Ecosystem, and Case Studies. In combination, they offer a 360-degree view of Apache HBase that is invaluable for experts and aspiring experts alike. In the next few posts leading up to the conference (June 13 in San Francisco – register now while there’s still room), we’ll offer sneak previews of what each track has to offer.

Fresh and Hot: HBaseCon 2013 Schedule Finalized!

The schedule/agenda grid for HBaseCon 2013 (rapidly approaching: June 13 in San Francisco) is a thing of beauty.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend HBaseCon 2013

HBaseCon 2013 is approaching fast – June 13 in San Francisco. If you’re on the fence about attending – or perhaps your manager is on the fence about approving your participation – here are a few things that you/they need to know (in no particular order):

  1. HBaseCon is the annual rallying point for the HBase community. If you’ve ever had a desire to learn how to get involved in the community as a contributor, or just want to ask a committer or PMC member why things are done (or not done) a certain way, this is your opportunity – because this is where those people are. Participating in a mailing list thread is never quite the same once you’ve met the people behind it. 
  2. HBaseCon is a one-stop shop for learning about the HBase roadmap, as well as other projects across the ecosystem. Current HBase users should be particularly interested in learning about which JIRAs will have the most impact on the user experience – and once again, most of the committers working on those JIRAs will either be leading sessions or otherwise present. Plus, you can learn about how new complementary projects like Impala, Kiji, Phoenix, and Honeycomb are transforming the use cases for HBase and helping to expand its footprint across the enterprise.
  3. HBaseCon is a feast of real-world experiences and use cases. Sure, maybe you’ve read about the HBase-backed applications used by companies like Facebook,, eBay, Pinterest, and Yahoo!. But wouldn’t it be helpful to hear technical details and best practices directly from the people who built and run them? I’ll bet it would. And you really can’t do that anywhere else — in the whole world. (Plus, you can take advantage of formal training right before the conference, at a discount.)
  4. HBaseCon is a pageant of engineer rock-stars. If your company is an HBase user and hungry for talent, there’s no better place to find it: HBaseCon is literally the world’s biggest gathering of HBase experts under one roof.
  5. HBaseCon is a heck of a blast. Come for the deep-dives and advice, stay for the after-event party. The libations will be extensive!

HBaseCon 2013 Speakers, Tracks, and Sessions Announced

Thanks to a dazzling array of excellent proposals from across the Apache HBase community, the HBaseCon 2013 Program Committee has cooked up a great list of sessions

Congrats to OSCON 2013 Speakers!

Cloudera will be a proud exhibitor at O’Reilly OSCON 2013 (July 22-26 in Portland, OR), which in our opinion is a shining light in the open source community. So be sure to look for us at Booth #420!

Meet the HBaseCon 2013 Program Committee

With HBaseCon 2013 (Early Bird registration now open!) preparations in full swing, you may be interested in learning a bit about the personalities behind the Program Committee, who are tasked with formulating a compelling, community-focused agenda. 

Recently I had a chance to ask committee members Gary Helmling (Twitter), Lars Hofhansl (, Jon Hsieh (Cloudera), Doug Meil (Explorys), Andrew Purtell (Intel), Enis Söztutar (Hortonworks), Michael Stack (Cloudera), and Liyin Tang (Facebook) a few questions:

Cloudera Speakers at Hadoop Summit Europe

Hadoop Summit Europe is coming up in Amsterdam next week, so this is an appropriate time to make you aware of the Cloudera speaker program there (all three talks on Thursday, March 21):

Call for Speakers and Early Bird Registration: HBaseCon 2013

(Added Feb. 25 2013: Early Bird registration is now open – closes April 23, 2013!)

HBaseCon 2012 was such a stunning success - blowing past all expectations about attendance – that we want to double-down on the joy in 2013: The HBaseCon 2013 Call for Speakers is now open!

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