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What I Learned During My Summer Internship at Cloudera, Part 2

The guest post below is from Wei Yan, a 2013 summer intern at Cloudera. In this post, he helpfully describes his personal projects from this summer. Thanks for your contributions, Wei!

As a Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt University, I work on the Apache Hadoop MapReduce framework, with a focus on optimizing data intensive computing tasks. Although I’m very familiar with MapReduce itself, my curiosity about the use cases for MapReduce and where it generally fits in the Big Data are drew me to Cloudera for the summer of 2013.

What I Learned During My Summer Internship at Cloudera

Catherine Ray, a Summer Intern at Cloudera this year, was kind enough to summarize her experiences for you below. Best of luck in your new field, Catherine!

I’m currently 16 and a rising senior at George Mason University, majoring in Computational Physics. (The full title is Computational and Data Sciences with a concentration in Physics.).

What the Hack! The Story of the Cloudera Hackathon

Every growing, dynamic engineering culture needs a hackathon every once in a while. 

Earlier this week, Cloudera put that thought into action with a two-day, around-the-clock “What the Hack!” internal hackathon in our Palo Alto offices, with our friends from Accel Partners underwriting the omnipresent food and beverage (thanks!). The carrot: “Fun surprise awards, and most important, the rights to brag about your cool hacking ideas.”