Cloudera Live: The Instant Apache Hadoop Experience

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Get started with Apache Hadoop and use-case examples online in just seconds.

Today, we announced the Cloudera Live Read-Only Demo, a new online service for developers and analysts (currently in public beta) that makes it easy to learn, explore, and try out CDH, Cloudera’s open source software distribution containing Apache Hadoop and related projects. No downloads, no installations, no waiting — just point-and-play!

Try the Cloudera Live Read-Only Demo

The Cloudera Live Read-Only Demo is a live CDH 5 cluster with a Hue interface (based on Hue 3.5.0, the latest and greatest). It includes pre-packaged examples/patterns for using Impala, Search, Apache HBase, and many other Hadoop ecosystem components. (Note: Because this environment is read-only, loading data via the Apache Sqoop app isn’t possible. To explore CDH with ingested data, download our QuickStart VM.)

After spending some time with the Cloudera Live Read-Only Demo (within a three-hour session), you may be wondering: How did we do it? As you’ll find from the answer below, the combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudera Manager made it easy.

Inside Cloudera Live

The Cloudera Live Demo is hosted on four AWS m3.large instances containing Ubuntu 12.04 and 100GB storage. (If you ever try to build your own cluster on AWS for your own use and thus need less performance, one xlarge instance will be enough — or, you could install fewer services on an even smaller instance.)

We configured the security group as shown below. We allow everything between the instances (the first row — don’t forget that on multi-machine clusters!) and opened up Cloudera Manager and Hue ports to the outside.

We used Cloudera Manager to auto-install everything for us based on this guide. Moreover, post-install monitoring and configuration was greatly simplified.

The first step was to connect to one of the machines:


Next, we retrieved and started Cloudera Manager:


After logging in with the default credentials (admin/admin), we entered all the Public DNS IP addresses (such as on our machines in the Install Wizard and clicked Go. Et voila, Cloudera Manager set up the entire cluster automatically! Hence, Cloudera Live was born.

We hope you enjoy the Cloudera Live Read-Only Demo, and we need your feedback whether you do or not! You can do that via the upstream Hue list, the Hue forum at, or by clicking on the “Feedback” tab in the demo itself.


7 responses on “Cloudera Live: The Instant Apache Hadoop Experience

  1. Dino

    I like to congrats the Hue Team for the amazing job that has done (and is still doing) with Hue. This team has saved me a lot of time and provided to us (the whole community) a greta opportunity to speed up our projects.

  2. Mohnish

    Hi, I have accessed the HUE live, as I wanted to learn about various components of hadoop ecosystem, can you please let me know what are NOT included in this Live HUE page, so that i can figure at prestage.

  3. Matt

    installs and i can manually start the cdm manager, but cant’ connect. when i netstat, there’s nothing on port 7180

    can’t figure this out.. firewall rules look good.. any help would be appreciated.

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