New Hue Demos: Spark UI, Job Browser, Oozie Scheduling, and YARN Support

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Hue users can learn a lot about new features by following a steady stream of new demos.

Hue, the open source Web UI that makes Apache Hadoop easier to use, is now a standard across the ecosystem — shipping within multiple software distributions and sandboxes. One of the reasons for its success is an agile developer community behind it that is constantly rolling out new features to its users.

Just as important, the Hue team is diligent in its documentation and demonstration of those new features via video demos. In this post, for your convenience, I bring you the most recent examples (released since December):

The new Spark Igniter App

Using YARN and Job Browser

Job Browser with YARN Security

Apache Oozie crontab scheduling


You can stay up to date about new demos by following the Hue team’s Vimeo channel and/or the Hue blog. However, I will bring you similar updates here from time to time.

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.