Cloudera Search is Now Generally Available

Categories: CDH Search

After three months of public beta, and months of private beta before that, Cloudera Search is now generally available. At this milestone, Cloudera has contributed its innovations and IP around the integration of Apache Solr and Apache Lucene with CDH back to the respective upstream projects. The GA of Cloudera Search also signifies the completion of a vast amount of hardening, integration, simplification, and packaging work.

Features of Cloudera Search 1.0 include:

  • Cluster-level access control (Kerberos authentication and impersonation) 
  • Batch indexing via MapReduce
  • Near real-time indexing at ingest via Apache Flume and Apache HBase
  • Cloudera Manager integration for better production visibility and monitoring
  • SolrCloud deployment capabilities on HDFS (such as index creation, storage, and serving from HDFS)
  • Simplified data preparation for indexing across workloads (via Cloudera Morphlines)
  • A simple and configurable search application in Hue 
  • Index aliasing (ability to handle sliding-window data through index mapping)
  • GoLive feature (ability to start serving indexes generated by MapReduce to running Solr services on the cluster as they become readily available)
  • Solr/CDH platform packaging

…and much more; read the full list of features in the Release Notes. Cloudera Search is now a first-class citizen in Cloudera’s platform, supported on CDH 4.3 and later and deployed with Cloudera Manager 4.7.

Having free text search on your data processing platform opens the door to new use cases and, at the same time, a less costly infrastructure. Although these are worthy achievements, the road doesn’t end here — we’re already looking at new features and further platform integration that will help customers achieve better insights on unified infrastructure.

But before we jump into the next phase of search on Apache Hadoop, we would like to thank our supporting beta customers and participants. You have truly been an inspiration. Thanks for all the great feedback, and we look forward to continuing our great technical partnership!

Eva Andreasson is a senior product manager at Cloudera.