The Book on Apache Sqoop is Here!

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Continuing the fine tradition of Clouderans contributing books to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Sqoop Committers/PMC Members Kathleen Ting and Jarek Jarcec Cecho have officially joined the book author community: their Apache Sqoop Cookbook is now available from O’Reilly Media (with a pelican the assigned cover beast). 

The book arrives at an ideal time. Hadoop has quickly become the standard for processing and analyzing Big Data, and in order to integrate a new Hadoop deployment into your existing environment, you will very likely need to transfer data stored in legacy relational databases into your new cluster.

Sqoop is just the ticket; it optimizes data transfers between Hadoop and RDBMSs via a command-line interface listing 60 parameters. This new cookbook focuses on applying these parameters to common use cases — one recipe at a time, Kate and Jarek guide you from basic commands that don’t require prior Sqoop knowledge all the way to very advanced use cases. These recipes are sufficiently detailed not only to enable you to deploy Sqoop in your environment, but also to understand its inner workings.

If you’re interested in a sampler, O’Reilly has kindly made a sample chapter PDF available for download.

As an added benefit for OSCON 2013 attendees in Portland next week, Kate will be signing copies of the cookbook at the O’Reilly pavilion on Thursday July 25 at 12:45pm. Don’t be late!

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