What a Great Year for Hue Users!

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HueWith the recent release of CDH 4.3, which contains Hue 2.3, I’d like to report on the fantastic progress of Hue in the past year.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Hue is a very popular, end-user focused, fully open source Web UI designed for interaction with Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem components. Founded by Cloudera employees, Hue has been around for quite some time, but only in the last 12 months has it evolved into the great ramp-up and interaction tool it is today. It’s fair to say that Hue is the most popular open source GUI for the Hadoop ecosystem among beginners — as well as a valuable tool for seasoned Hadoop users (and users generally in an enterprise environment) — and it is the only end-user tool that ships with Hadoop distributions today. In fact, Hue is even redistributed and marketed as part of other user-experience and ramp-up-on-Hadoop VMs in the market.

We have reached where we are today – 1,000+ commits later – thanks to the talented Cloudera Hue team (special kudos needed to Romain, Enrico, and Abe) and our customers and users in the community. Therefore it is time to celebrate with a classy new logo and community website at gethue.com!

Hue is the most popular open source GUI for Hadoop among beginners — an is a valuable tool for seasoned Hadoop users as well.

But before you go there for a visit, allow me to reflect on the milestones for Hue’s success. The accelerated uptake really started with Hue 2.0, when the Hue team made significant efforts to reshape Hue in the modern Web 2.0 style with a much improved user experience, drag-and-drop functionality, and a well organized and integrated tabular user experience — in one browser window. That was followed by the addition of a very useful workflow designer and scheduling application – which, by the way, has been proposed to the Apache Oozie community as the new face of Oozie, as it turned out to be a much better user experience than the one shipping with Oozie today.

In early 2013 (version 2.2) the team added an Impala application to enable real-time query interaction on top of CDH. We also added Hue-based guided tutorials to our Cloudera QuickStart VM to make getting started with Hadoop really easy (with no registration needed).

In Hue 2.3, which ships in CDH 4.3, the Hue team has added well over 100 new features and bug fixes, including a new Apache Pig editor, a Table Browser app for managing Apache Hive, and support for keeping configuration and data in Oracle Database 11.2 (among other things).

We’re far from done though; we will continue the journey toward providing the best user experience for Hadoop – and the best startup tool ever! We can only get there if you continue providing your feedback and contributions, so take this post not only as a celebration but also as a big thank-you for all your previous interactions with the Hue team!

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Eva Andreasson is a senior product manager at Cloudera, responsible for Hue, Search, and other projects in CDH.