Customer Spotlight: Embracing Big Data Innovations at The Cloudera Forum

Categories: Search Use Case

Earlier this week, we hosted The Cloudera Forum to reveal Cloudera’s “Unaccept the Status Quo” vision and to announce the public beta launch of Cloudera Search. The event featured a panel discussion between representatives from four companies that are embracing the latest big data innovations, moderated by our own CEO Mike Olson. Those are the companies I’d like to highlight in this week’s spotlight, for obvious reasons. The panelists were… (drumroll, please):

  • Chris Poulin, managing partner at Patterns and Predictions. Patterns and Predictions is a predictive analytics company that is building a data fabric to identify risk factors for suicide among veterans as part of a government-funded Big Data observational study. The technology that Chris and his team are building has the potential to make a huge, positive impact on our society. Patterns and Predictions has participated in the Cloudera Search private beta program and plans to deploy Cloudera Impala next. The value that these technologies deliver to Patterns and Predictions: a more simplified Big Data environment where key functionality is embedded within the core Hadoop system.
  • Julian Mann, co-founder and vice president of product management for Skybox Imaging. Like Patterns and Predictions, Skybox Imaging is a small company with a big mission: to change humanity’s understanding of earth. Skybox is building satellites that will be launched into space later this year to capture high-resolution images of the entire globe. It is also extracting information from those images and making that data available to organizations across all industries. Skybox Imaging is another early adopter of Cloudera Search — the product saved it from having to custom build something it knew would need to be incorporated into its product offering if it wants to make collected geopixel data consumable to a broad audience.
  • David Green, director of data services at Trion Worlds. Trion Worlds is a large gaming company whose leading products include RIFT, End of Nations, and Defiance. Trion Worlds brought Hadoop into its existing IT infrastructure to provide a data abstraction layer that ties together the many tools used in-house. It has also been an early user of Cloudera Impala, which will improve the level of customer support it can deliver based on individualized, real-time user activity. Trion represents a strong use case that many organizations today can relate to: identifying the best way to integrate Hadoop with existing environments.
  • Paul Sonderegger, big data strategist at Oracle — a strategic Cloudera partner, with past roles at Forrester Research and Endeca. Paul brought a broad and deep industry perspective to the conversation, and helped to identify the ways more traditional relational technologies such as Oracle data warehouses and Hadoop will continue complementing each other in the future.

For the full recap of The Cloudera Forum, and the panel discussion specifically, visit The panel starts around the 58-minute mark.

Karina Babcock is Cloudera’s Customer Programs & Marketing Manager.