Updates to Cloudera Manager 4.6

Categories: Cloudera Manager Search

The news this morning focused on the launch of Cloudera Search, an exciting new capability for our platform that was much anticipated by our customers and engineers. Also released at the same time is a new release of Cloudera Manager (4.6).

Cloudera Manager 4.6 includes a number of enhancements as well as improvements in quality and usability. (A follow-on blog post will do a deep dive on the new features and functions.) Most notable in Cloudera Manager 4.6 is that the free version (included in Cloudera Standard) is greatly enhanced. Cloudera Standard now includes monitoring, health checks, events & alerts, log search, kerberos automation, and multi-cluster support.

There are a few motivations for this update:

  • Improve adoption. Too often we’d speak to users and prospects using Cloudera Manager Free who had built dependencies on a variety of different monitoring, alerting, and log management tools that they had to cobble together on their own. By rolling those kinds of features into the free version, we hope to simplify the lives of the early adopters.
  • Don’t overcharge for yesterday’s innovation. When I talk to customers, it’s clear to me that part of the status quo they are looking to un-accept is the idea that they need to keep paying their vendors year after year for features that have not changed appreciably in over a decade. For most customers, this is the definition of lock-in and we’re determined not to repeat that experience. We’ve maintained a torrential pace of development of new enterprise capabilities with industry firsts like rolling upgrades, full disaster recovery, auditability, and more. We’re confident in our ability to continue to innovate in areas that are a priority for enterprise customers.
  • Continue to the lead the market. Cloudera has always led the market in product innovation. It is important to note that we’re equally committed to shipping the market-leading free product as we are to shipping the market-leading paid product. Cloudera Manager 4.6 widens our lead for both free and paid versions.

I’m excited to see the feedback on the user lists of these new capabilities. You can download the latest version of Cloudera Standard here and share your feedback via the mailing list.

Charles Zedlewski is Cloudera’s VP, Products.