Cloudera Manager 4.6: Now with Significantly More Free Features

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Yesterday we announced the availability of Cloudera Manager 4.6. As part of this release, the Free Edition of Cloudera Manager (now a part of Cloudera Standard) has been enhanced significantly to include many features formerly only available with a subscription license:

  • Support for managing multiple CDH clusters
  • Service and host monitoring with proactive health checks computed from hundreds of different key metrics
  • Tunable thresholds that allow customizable alerts for your environment
  • Activity monitoring: A single, real-time view of all cluster activities, including job details, job comparisons, and task distribution across the cluster
  • Customizable charts with full access to thousands of metrics, and support for faceting and data transformation
  • Intelligent log management to search all your cluster logs from with the ability to trigger events and alerts on certain messages
  • Support for secure clusters, with Kerberos keytab management and configuration support

(For more background, please refer to previous blog posts that articulate the thinking around the introduction of Cloudera Standard and Cloudera Enterprise and the changes to Cloudera Manager Free Edition.)

Some new features specifically in Cloudera Manager 4.6 include (all features available in both Cloudera Standard and Cloudera Enterprise unless otherwise noted):

  • Support for JobTracker HA
  • Support for installing and managing the Cloudera Search beta release
  • Support for a new service (Sqoop 2) and new role (WebHCat)
  • Enhanced monitoring for the Impala service and Impala Query monitoring
  • API access to tsquery for accessing timeseries data
  • Support for alerting on configuration changes
  • Host-by-host rolling restart (Cloudera Enterprise only)
  • API access to Operational Reports (Cloudera Enterprise only)
  • API access to Cloudera Navigator is now supported (Cloudera Enterprise only)

Cloudera Manager 4.6 also has lots of bug fixes and usability improvements; see the Release Notes for more information. Selected screenshots are below.

Service Monitoring


Log Search

Customizable Charts

While you may choose to start off with Cloudera Standard, you can also automatically get a trial license to test Cloudera Enterprise for 60 days. (Installation instructions for both options are here.) The trial includes access to advanced feature in Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Navigator, and Backup & Disaster Recovery. After the 60-day trial period, the product will fall back to Cloudera Standard. You can see a full comparison between Cloudera Standard, Cloudera Enterprise, and Cloudera Enterprise Trial here.

With the introduction of Cloudera Standard and Cloudera Enterprise, we are providing the easiest path to get started with Hadoop today. So why wait?


Bala Venkatrao is a product director at Cloudera.