Cloudera Impala and Partners: Tableau

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Our thanks to Ted Wasserman, product manager for Tableau, for the guest post below:

Many of our customers are turning to Apache Hadoop as they grapple with their big data challenges. Hadoop offers many benefits such as its scalability, economics, and versatility. Even so, adoption-to-date has largely centered around applications with “batch”-oriented workloads because of the latency imposed by the MapReduce framework. To increase Hadoop’s usefulness and adoption in the business intelligence space where users need fast, interactive response times when they ask a question, a new approach was needed.

Cloudera Impala technology moves the ball forward for doing ad hoc visual analytics on Hadoop. In particular, we like Impala for several reasons:

  • Performance. Analysts can now have an interactive conversation with their Hadoop data and stay focused in the cycle of visual analysis. They no longer have to wait minutes or hours for most queries to return results.
  • Reusability. Impala leverages a lot of the Hadoop infrastructure already in place today. By using the existing Apache Hive meta store and Hive SQL language, the development effort required to support Impala is reduced, and a broad ecosystem of customer applications and partners that already have integrations with Hive can more easily support Impala.
  • Innovation. Cloudera is a thought leader in the Hadoop space, and is helping move Hadoop forward with innovative technologies and new approaches like Impala. We value our close working relationship with the Cloudera development and product teams. They have the same dedication to customer success as we do, which results in a market-leading combined solution.

Tableau has developed a native connector to Impala, which makes it easy for any business user to quickly connect to their Hadoop cluster and begin doing analytics using Tableau’s visual drag-and-drop interface. Simply install the Cloudera ODBC driver and Tableau, connect to the cluster, and away you go! No Java or MapReduce programming required. Tableau takes care of generating the optimal queries needed to get the data out of Hadoop for the analysis and render it on the screen in the form of beautiful and rich data visulizations.

We’ve put together a short video demonstrating Tableau’s native Impala connector. If you like what you see, try it on your own data. Download a free trial copy of Tableau and experience first hand how easy it is to get started and quickly build value around your Hadoop data.