Why Support and Professional Services Collaboration is the key to success for Government Projects

Why Support and Professional Services Collaboration is the key to success for Government Projects

While cloud providers and data analytics firms are proliferating across markets and landscapes, what distinguishes one from another? How can you know which one holds the keys to your agency’s digital transformation? 

The reality is that no matter how slick the advertising, how pervasive the presence across conferences and webcasts, or how high the C-suite’s former government offices … it’s the offerings that matter most. Are they thoughtful and well-crafted solutions designed to effectively meet needs with minimal friction? Are the teams composed of top-tier talent, skilled not only in their technical trade but in working with public-sector clients?

Do they offer the flexibility, agility, and end-to-end coverage needed to achieve your mission as it weathers a constantly, rapidly evolving landscape? Can they be your advocate?

These are big, complicated questions with wide-ranging and equally complex answers. However, they’re important questions to keep in mind when you’re trying to determine the best partner in building and expanding an enterprise data strategy and platform that will serve your agency effectively and dutifully for years to come.

One Company That Can Support the Whole Journey

Whether you’re starting out at Square One or you’re trying to determine the best option to streamline your hybrid maze, the ideal industry partner can support the entire spectrum of maturing operations and guidance throughout the journey. And that guidance shouldn’t just meet minimum criteria and requirements—it should be well-informed through experience spanning the entire lifecycle. 

Sounds nice, right? But what does that actually look like in day-to-day operations?

  • End-to-End Coverage
  • Ongoing Account Health Checks
  • Rich Knowledge Base on Core Technical Topics
    • Pool of cleared talent for projects that require resources with a clearance
    • Access to on-site or remote subject matter experts across the entire stack
  • Flexible Support
    • 24×7 (Monday-Sunday) Severity 1 Proactive Support Throughout Cleared Support Lifecycle;
    • 8×5 (Monday-Friday) Severity 2-4 Cleared Support
  • Support for Workflows and Escalation Process
  • Air Gap Tooling for Sensitive Data
  • Solution Guides & Production Summaries
  • Scheduled Cloudera Enterprise and Community Advocacy Manager Releases
  • Thorough Documentation
  • Proactive Support Throughout Lifecycle
  • Community Advocacy
Jake Miller
Customer Operations Manager, Cloudera Government Solutions
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Shane Miller
Senior Director Professional, Services Cloudera Government Solutions
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