The future of data architecture is hybrid: choosing your hybrid-first data strategy starts at Cloudera Now 2022

The future of data architecture is hybrid: choosing your hybrid-first data strategy starts at Cloudera Now 2022

With all of the buzz around cloud computing, many companies have overlooked the importance of hybrid data. Many large enterprises went all-in on cloud without considering the costs and potential risks associated with a cloud-only approach. The truth is, the future of data architecture is all about hybrid. Hybrid data capabilities enable organizations to collect and store information on premises, in public or private clouds, and at the edgewithout sacrificing the important analytics needed to turn that information into insight. Organizations can make decisions about where to store their data in the most cost effective and secure manner, while still using that data for mission-critical operations day to day.  

As a leader in hybrid data, Cloudera is positioned to help organizations take on the challenge of managing and analyzing data wherever it resides. That’s why the theme for this year’s Cloudera Now, our flagship event on our latest and greatest innovations, is Think Bigger, Move Faster, Go Hybrid. We recognize the importance of a hybrid data strategy and having a secure, scalable data platform to support that. Attend Cloudera Now to jumpstart the data-driven future.

For every business, these past few years have presented unforeseen challenges, and traditional data architectures have fallen short of providing the ease and agility that users across an organization need. We’ve seen this from all of our customers and are emphasizing building and iterating on modern data architectures. We can help companies build an effective strategy for data fabric, data mesh, and data lakehouse, but with the Cloudera spin: ensuring they can take full advantage of the possibilities hybrid data offers. When built with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP),  these architectures are open, interoperable, portable, and secure. With Cloudera data infrastructure is built to scale, with security and portability across clouds and on premises. By prioritizing scalability, Cloudera customers are ready for whatever comes next, whether that’s new customer requirements, new market opportunities, or any other outside pressure, be it economic, geopolitical, regulatory, social, or otherwise. 

Modern data architectures usher in a new decade for data

New data architectures and paradigms can help to transform business and lay the groundwork for success today and for the next decade. The data landscape is being disrupted by the data lakehouse and data fabric concepts. Cloudera is ready to help companies supercharge their data strategy by implementing these new architectures. Let’s not short change the buzz around the emerging topic of data mesh. Right now, business leaders have a lot of questions around all of this: Why do we need modern data architecture? How can I effectively implement modern data architectures? Do we need more than one? If so, which should I invest in first? Which will make the biggest impact on my business? 

If you are a data leader asking these questions, you’re not alone. And if you attend Cloudera Now we’ll be answering these questions and moremake sure to join us

Open source opens doors of opportunity

Cloudera is also returning to our roots in open source solutions, enabling our customers to deliver greater agility and accelerate time to market. We recently announced the industry’s only open data lakehouse, based on Apache Iceberg. This not only enables analytics at a massive scale (we’re talking petabytes worth of information), but it works in a fully hybrid capacity. Using the open data lakehouse, companies can apply analytics on streaming data at the edge and stored data across multiple clouds and on premises. And because it’s open, users can access and analyze all the company’s data everywhere, and each team can use the analytic tools of their choice. 

Apache Iceberg enables organizations to store very large analytical tables in a standards-based, open-source format, while being able to access them with a standard language. One of the best parts is the open data lakehouse doesn’t just offer the analytic capability needed today with freedom of choice for analytics; it also offers unlimited analytic flexibility for the future.

Cloudera Now: join us live for a big announcement!

Cloudera Now 2022 is a must-attend event for existing Cloudera customers and any business or technical professionals seriously considering how to make the most of their data. We’re unveiling one of our latest innovations that will help customers to deploy a data and analytics platform easier than ever before. With keynotes from Cloudera experts, new product launches, in-depth demos, customer use cases, and breakout sessions on how to get the best advantage of modern data architectures, Cloudera Now has something for everyone. Register today  

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