A quick checklist for a Kafka developer / administrator

A quick checklist for a Kafka developer / administrator

This blog post was published on Hortonworks.com before the merger with Cloudera. Some links, resources, or references may no longer be accurate.

While some of the Hortonworks engineers are busy adding more enterprise features to Apache Kafka or are creating new innovations to make your life more easy with Kafka, I thought of updating you with a couple of upcoming (Kafka related) events that we don’t want you to miss. Before I give you the scoop on that, let us make sure that you have checked out these blog posts that we had recently published about our new innovation – Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager (SMM), which has been curing Kafka Blindness of many enterprises.

  • Addressing Kafka Blindness – In case you haven’t heard about the terrible syndrome affecting Kafka users, read this post to know how almost 30+ customers complained about the similar set of visibility issues related to Kafka.
  • Introducing Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager – This post gives a great introduction to the new innovation from Hortonworks. SMM is an operational monitoring / management dashboard for enterprise Kafka environments.
  • Solving the needs of DevOps/Developers with SMM – While SMM is apt in addressing the Kafka challenges felt by Operations teams, DevOps / Developers as well as Security/Governance teams, read this post to understand how SMM helps out the Kafka DevOps / Developers specifically.

Apart from the blog posts, if you keen on getting some more depth about SMM, you can download our white paper РManaging and Monitoring Apache Kafka with Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager. The white paper goes into great detail around the key challenges posed by each of the personas listed above. For a platform operations team, it is the lack of visibility at a cluster and broker level and the effects of the broker on the infrastructure it runs on and vice versa. While for a DevOps/App team, they want to know how data flows between the four entities (producer, consumer, broker, topic) and understand the key performance metrics of these entities. For the governance and security teams, the questions revolve around chain of custody, audit, metadata, access control and lineage. The white paper goes on to describe how SMM caters to all these needs across such diverse personas.

Now that you have caught up with what we have been delivering proudly over the last month or so, here are a couple of updates to help you navigate the Kafka waters deftly –

Kafka Summit 2018, San Francisco – Hortonworks is a silver sponsor at the upcoming Kafka Summit happening in San Francisco on Oct 16th and 17th 2018. We will have a booth at the event, staffed by our skilled engineers and product managers. If you are attending the event next week, please do drop by and say hello to us. You will get to see a live demo of SMM at our booth. Also, for checking out the demo, you can also win a cool “Curing Kafka Blindness” t-shirt. Get some cool SMM stickers for your laptop and enter into a raffle to win a HTC VIVE!

Streaming with Apache Kafka: Avoiding the Blindspots – If, for some reason, you are unable to attend Kafka Summit next week, you can tune in to this really cool webinar this week. It is led by one of the top industry voices, Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Ovum. Tony will address how Kafka has become so critical within most of the streaming architectures today. He will also discuss some of the challenges associated with Kafka today. I will be joining Tony on this webinar to describe how SMM helps avoid some of those Kafka Blindspots and will follow that up with a cool demo of SMM. Don’t miss it. Register today!

I hope you can join us for both the events. Let me know if you have any questions.

Dinesh Chandrasekhar
Head of Product Marketing
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