Per Scholas and Cloudera Innovate to Solve for the Skills Gap in Data

Per Scholas and Cloudera Innovate to Solve for the Skills Gap in Data

Cloudera Partners with Per Scholas to Educate a Diverse Technology Workforce 

Working in the technology sector comes with plenty of perks, from higher wages to opportunities for upward growth. But breaking into the tech industry isn’t always straightforward. Specialized jobs that come with higher pay and better benefits are typically only available for those who can afford for the training and skills required to make it in the industry. 

As part of our commitment to making data and analytics easy and accessible for everyone, Cloudera has partnered with Per Scholas, a USbased nonprofit organization, to provide a no-cost software engineering training course for at least 20 individuals from diverse backgrounds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Per Scholas, a national organization working to increase access and create opportunities for individuals who aspire to work in tech, equips motivated adults with the skills they need to successfully start careers in the industry. Per Scholas has been working to advance economic mobility for more than 27 years, as well as helping individuals traditionally underrepresented in technology gain high-growth careers in the industry. 

“Per Scholas is in the business of creating opportunity,” said Mike Terrell, Per Scholas North Carolina managing director. “We are passionate about opening doors to high-growth careers in technology and supporting our learners in their journey from course work to securing that transformational career.”

“Partnering with Per Scholas in the United States market is in line with our commitment to accelerate reskilling solutions within the data Industry,” shared Abhas Ricky, chief strategy officer and executive sponsor of Cloudera’s corporate social responsibility program. “The organization not only provides a high-quality, industry-informed curriculum to highly motivated talent, but also ensures its learners receive continued education and wrap-around services that make their graduates top candidates in the workplace.”

Students enrolled in Per Scholas’ training receive rigorous technical instruction, professional development coaching, and connections to high-demand employment opportunities after graduation. 

In addition to technical training, Cloudera’s funding also supports weekly professional development for each learner, helping them cultivate essential business skills like resume writing, time management, problem-solving, and effective communication. Learners also receive financial capability coaching and services provided by licensed social workersensuring that each learner is equipped with the skills necessary to enter into the tech sector and a holistic knowledge of ways to build economic and professional sustainability.

“Per Scholas gave me a lot of confidence. I know that I would not have qualified for the role I have now, from a technical perspective, without Per Scholas,” reflects Per Scholas North Carolina graduate Phillip Kinney.

In our 2022 cohort, learners were made up of 47% females, 80% people of color and achieved an 83% graduation rate in December 2022 (3% more than our target of 80% graduating). Alongside Cloudera, Per Scholas are now supporting December graduates into employment, with a target of 80% of graduates working in the technology sector within one year.

Per Scholas partners with a vast network of organizations to help their graduates gain employment in businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Since their inception, they’ve helped more than 20,000 people launch tech careers. With campuses in 20 cities, Per Scholas has now trained nearly 20,000 individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to launch vibrant new tech careers. 

According to Per Scholas, historically 85% of learners graduate from the program, 80% of graduates obtain one or more industry-recognized IT certifications, and 80% of graduates gain employment with starting wages averaging more than three times their average pre-training income ($23/hour, or more than $47,800/year on average). 

“We are so grateful to Cloudera for their support of our Software Engineering cohort,” said Mike Terrell, Per Scholas North Carolina managing director. “With their investment, we can continue our mission to train diverse learners in the tech skills they need to succeed.” 

For more information, visit Cloudera’s corporate social responsibility website

Abhas Ricky
Chief Strategy Officer
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