Introducing the NEW Cloudera Connect Sales Accreditation program

Introducing the NEW Cloudera Connect Sales Accreditation program

Last fall, Cloudera launched the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), our next-generation enterprise data cloud platform. It was received with unprecedented enthusiasm from our customers and prospects. CDP is designed from the ground up to enable our customers to realize their hybrid cloud initiatives.

Given the breadth and depth of CDP, it is important that Cloudera Connect partners understand how to articulate its value proposition and differentiators. Even more importantly our partners can build more pipeline with Cloudera and win more business by identifying the right target audiences for CDP and understanding how to pitch the value of specific business use cases. With these objectives in mind, we are introducing a NEW Cloudera Connect Sales Accreditation program.

Cloudera Connect Sales Accreditation is a credential given to individuals in commercial or technical sales roles after completing required training sessions (either live or online) and corresponding assessments in the Cloudera Connect partner portal. This globally recognized credential represents a thorough knowledge of Cloudera Data Platform’s value proposition in solving enterprise data management business challenges.

This Sales Accreditation is valid for one year and has to be renewed every year by retaking the assessment. The assessment will be continuously updated as new business use cases are launched.

Cloudera Connect Partner Program requires System Integrators, Consultants, Reseller, and Distributors to complete a minimum of two Sales Accreditation to achieve Silver tier. To move up to the Gold tier, they must achieve three additional accreditations ( for a total of 5). Both Cloudera and Cloudera Connect partners win through accreditation because we all gain confidence in partner sales capabilities. 

Finally, we are also introducing a fun incentive to entice partner sellers to learn about Cloudera’s differentiators, value, and capabilities and to take the assessment as soon as possible: We are offering a T-shirt for the first 500 sellers who achieve Sales Accreditation.

We hope that our partners take advantage of the Cloudera Connect Sales Accreditation program and help our customers with their Hybrid Cloud journey. 

Gopal Raghavan
Director, Partner Programs & Strategy
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