Introducing Cloudera Observability Premium

Introducing Cloudera Observability Premium

Cloudera Observability Premium immediately addresses challenges related to the health and optimization of data centers.

There’s nothing worse than wasting money on unnecessary costs. In on-premises data estates, these costs appear as wasted person-hours waiting for inefficient analytics to complete, or troubleshooting jobs that have failed to execute as expected, or at all. They manifest as idle hardware waiting for urgent workloads to come in, ensuring sufficient spare capacity to run them amidst noisy neighbors and resource-hungry, lower-priority workloads. In the public cloud, these cost management issues are compounded by consumption rates, where compute is often overused due to a lack of visibility into optimization opportunities.

With observability, you gain more than just the information about what’s happening in your infrastructure, workloads, and related services. You can tap into insights such as where to optimize for the biggest gains, what you can do to fix workloads that don’t run, and how you can save money in the cloud.  

Observability for your most secure data

For your most sensitive, protected data, we understand even the metadata and telemetry about your workloads must be kept under close watch, and it must stay within your secured environment. You may be behind heavy firewalls, or even in a completely air-gapped environment, and sending telemetry to any third-party service is just not an option. For scenarios like this, we have now created Cloudera Observability Premium on-premises service. Simply install Cloudera Observability Premium services in your data center, set it up to receive Cloudera telemetry, and enjoy all the premium benefits without any data or metadata ever leaving your secured environment. If you have multiple Cloudera environments, as long as they can all connect to the same on-premises observability server you’ve installed, you can use this service across your organization and benefit from federated telemetry and centralized visibility.

Observability for your public cloud data estate

We all know how fast things move in the public cloud, and nothing moves faster, it seems, than the bill! One way we can help you regain control and reduce overspending in the cloud is through real-time monitoring and real-time automatic actions. Can you imagine being able to stop runaway jobs before you have to pay for them? Imagine no more. With Cloudera Observability’s latest innovation in real-time monitoring, customers running Cloudera DataHub on a public cloud can take full advantage of this feature, along with many other high-value capabilities, and start saving on cloud costs today.

New Data Observability capabilities

You’ve seen how Cloudera Observability Premium can tell you what you’re doing with your data – how many resources you’re using to process it, query it, and more. But what about the data itself? Wouldn’t it be great if you could also have some observability into what tables are hot and cold? Cloudera Observability Premium now includes features to measure your data’s temperature, and identify which tables are used the most, and what their health condition and other measures are like – all so you can improve data quality, performance, and health.

The data temperature feature lets us see whether hot or cold data sets are deployed optimally, including the underlying file sizes and partitioning styles. This allows you to quickly determine if your most important data is managed efficiently. You can easily check if these data sets are correctly secured, properly stored to minimize bottlenecks during analysis, and effectively partitioned to remain performant as they grow. With this added telemetry, you can take control of your data and ensure optimal use of one of your company’s most precious assets, driving even more business value from it.

Cloudera Observability does it again

Cloudera Observability Premium users have seen the advantages of immediately addressing issues and concerns related to the health and optimization of their data centers. Now, on-premises users with the most secure data centers can enjoy these same benefits—all without any metadata or telemetry leaving their protected environments. With Cloudera Observability Premium for DataHub on public cloud, we extend these benefits to public cloud workloads, where our customers run their mission-critical and complex applications. With these new observability features, you’ll maximize your investment and eliminate unnecessary spending.

To learn more, click here. Get Observability for your data center today as a SaaS application or reach out to your local Cloudera sales representative and let us know where you’d like to start.

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