Introducing Cloudera Edge Management and Cloudera Flow Management

Introducing Cloudera Edge Management and Cloudera Flow Management

Cloudera’s vision of delivering Edge to AI solutions using the Enterprise Data Cloud will enable enterprises to transform dramatically. In today’s digitally connected enterprises, data originates from the edge, streams into the data center, lands in an Enterprise Data Cloud for downstream processing including Machine Learning and then serves back to the edge for real-time prediction and action. Watch the video to see how Cloudera DataFlow helps tackle the biggest challenge of getting streaming data insights — acquiring the data quickly, securely, and prioritized for analysis with clear traceability.

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) is one of the most promising product lines for our customers to achieve their digital transformation / Edge2AI initiatives. CDF is a robust edge-to-enterprise real-time streaming data platform. As the CDF platform evolves to address more sophisticated use cases, we are super thrilled to announce two new products within the platform – Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management.

Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) is a no-code data ingestion and management solution powered by Apache NiFi. With a slick user interface, 300+ processors and the NiFi Registry, CFM delivers highly scalable data management and DevOps capabilities to the enterprise. Apache NiFi is a very mature open source solution meant for large scale, high velocity enterprise data ingestion use cases. Primarily meant for real-time streaming sources such as clickstreams, social streams, log data etc., NiFi can handle all types of data across any type of data source. With 300+ processors, NiFi is the most comprehensive toolset in the market for data ingestion and management. NiFi Registry, which augments NiFi, enables DevOps teams with versioning, deployment and development lifecycle of flow applications. This release offers tight integration with Cloudera Manager, Apache Impala and Apache Kudu, empowering legacy Cloudera customers to take advantage of NiFi across their existing Cloudera clusters.

Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is an edge management solution for IoT and Streaming use cases. CEM is made of two components – MiNiFi and Edge Flow Manager. MiNiFi is an edge agent and can be deployed into thousands of edge devices to collect data. It is a light-weight version of NiFi and acts as a runtime at the edge to execute flow files. It comes in two flavors – Java and C++. The C++ version has a footprint of just around 6 MB and this enables it to be embedded within various types of devices as small as Raspberry Pi or other sensors used within IoT implementations. MiNiFi also supports TensorFlow and this allows for Machine Learning (ML) models to be executed at the edge.

Edge Flow Manager is a new component within CEM. It is an edge management hub that manages, controls and monitors MiNiFi agents. It allows you to develop, deploy, run and monitor edge flow apps and ML models at the edge. Edge Flow Manager offers an easy-to-use NiFi-like user interface that allows users to leverage almost a lot of the NiFi processors to design data flows that can be pushed out to the edge. These flow files can instruct the edge agent to collect specific data points from the edge device as well as process it at the edge and stream it into the enterprise. These flow files can also be changed from the same user interface and can be deployed to the edge to any specific class of devices. This allows the user to change the behavior of a specific set of agents in the field based on specific criteria.

CEM is going to be a game-changer for a majority of our customers working on TechOps or IoT type use cases. The key challenges with IoT are around edge management like the inability to control and manage edge agents, difficulty in collecting real-time data from edge devices directly and most importantly, the trouble with updating specific set of agents with edge applications. CEM clearly addresses those challenges with ease. This is going to pave the way for transformative solutions across IoT initiatives across multiple industry verticals.

To learn more about Cloudera Edge Management and Cloudera Flow Management, check out our official announcement today. Also, for a live demo of CFM and CEM as well as to be part of the official launch of these products, join us on April 16th at our Data-in-Motion Tech Launch Showcase event. CEM and CFM will be generally available in the next few weeks. Watch for our announcement soon.

Dinesh Chandrasekhar
Head of Product Marketing
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