How Hybrid and Cloud-Based Architectures are Unlocking the Power of Data

How Hybrid and Cloud-Based Architectures are Unlocking the Power of Data

Top use cases of cloud data strategies

It takes vision, purpose, and skill to unlock the power of data. It also takes the right strategy. 

For ExxonMobil, Ares Trading (Merck), and the University of California San Diego (UCSD), the right strategy is taking full advantage of the cloud. All three organizations have partnered with Cloudera,  leveraging a hybrid or cloud-based architecture  to improve the lives of the people who depend on their organizations’ data.

As a result of their accomplishments, Cloudera has named these organizations as finalists for the 2021 Cloudera Data Impact Awards in the “Cloud Innovation” category. 

…and congratulations to the winner: ExxonMobil


Few companies are more recognizable than ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers that develops and applies next-generation technologies to help safely meet growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products.

ExxonMobil has accumulated 100 years’ worth of data in millions of digital records. It was unstructured and dispersed in various formats across multiple locations. Finding and analyzing relevant information was a huge undertaking, and accessing the data was difficult.

To address these challenges, ExxonMobil leveraged Cloudera’s on-prem tools in addition to cloud services. One such tool was advanced machine learning-assisted natural language processing (NLP) “to extract tacit knowledge and perform sentiment analysis on unstructured text and images from more than 20 million documents.” The implementation has substantially accelerated the process of locating documents across the organization for use in critical data-driven decisions.


Recognized as one of the top 15 research universities worldwide, UCSD is keenly focused on collaboration and discovery. As part of their mission statement, UCSD is “dedicated to ensuring that students have the opportunity to become changemakers.” Central to that is equipping students with tools to find answers to the world’s pressing issues. 

To support this mission, UCSD realized it needed to replace its legacy IT systems and processes. The university built a real-time data logistics platform deployed in the cloud and using Cloudera DataFlow to link together multiple data sources through 180-plus connectors and securely move data in real time.

The implementation was the largest technology improvement ever undertaken by UCSD, completely transforming the university’s use of IT. It has sped up development and deployment of business applications in the cloud for a myriad of use cases, including some related to post-COVID back-to-school programs. 

Not only did the implementation vastly improve user experience, but also reduced development time for data analytics and integration projects from 10 weeks to two or fewer.

Ares Trading SA (Merck)

A Merck subsidiary, Ares Trading SA provides medical products and personalized treatments for serious diseases. One of its products is an IoT-enabled electronic drug auto injector that delivers medication to multiple sclerosis patients and transmits information to a data hub. 

The company was using a Java-based application as a hub, but it was expensive to maintain and made it increasingly difficult to add new features and device support. 

Ares Trading SA wanted the ability to add new flows with minimal impact to running workloads and scalability. The company replaced the legacy systems with Cloudera Data Platform deployed in the public cloud and an Apache NiFi backend to increase speed and handle more devices. The new system receives and checks data from 20,000 to 50,000 devices and sends it to healthcare providers in a process designed to control chronic conditions and improve patients’ health.

Besides boosting speed and capacity, the implementation also helps Ares Trading SA meet GxP safety practices and Protected Health Information data compliance. “The project demonstrates that meeting regulations and remaining agile are not objectives at odds with one another,” the company’s representative says. More importantly, it allows Ares Trading to focus on its main priority — patient data. 

Winner of the Data Impact Awards 2021: Cloud Innovation

Join us in congratulating ExxonMobil for taking advantage of cloud services to analyze 100 years of digital records data to continue to operate safely, responsibly, and efficiently.

You can become a data hero too

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