Hortonworks and Voltage: Securing Hadoop. What Are Your Options?

Hortonworks and Voltage: Securing Hadoop. What Are Your Options?

Thanks to all who joined us on our Hortonworks/Voltage webinar, “Securing Hadoop: What are Your Options?” For those who couldn’t attend, we’re sorry we missed you. We’ve included a link to the webinar recording below, and please listen in!

On the webinar, Hortonworks’ Vinod Nair presented the recently-announced Apache Argus incubator: a central policy administration framework across security requirements for authentication, authorization, auditing and data protection. Sudeep Venkatesh, of Voltage Security, defined data-centric protection technologies that easily integrate with Hive, Sqoop, MapReduce and other Hadoop interfaces.

Questions and Answers

A number of questions were asked on the webinar—and we wanted to share some of the key ones here.

Q: How far has Hortonworks come in development for Windows?

  • With HDP 2.1, the code lines for Windows and Linux for HDP Stack components have converged. HDP 2.1 is supported on Linux and Windows. The few functional gaps are being addressed in the near term. Details can be found at https://hortonworks.com/hdp/

Q: Are you going to support OAuth for authorizing a resource in Apache Argus?

  • Support for OAuth as means of authenticating a user will be made available in a future release of HDP as part of Apache Knox. The authorization framework in Apache Argus covers fine grained access control for HDFS, HBase and Hive in HDP 2.1.

Q: If data is protected at rest, using a data-centric encryption approach like those offered by Voltage, will that data still be encrypted when it travels through the network?

  • Yes, this is one of the benefits: with Voltage’s format-preserving technologies, sensitive data that is protected remains protected even as it transits the network, and also as it is used (and often can be used in analytics in its protected form).

Listen Now

  • Click here to listen to the recording of the August 27 webinar: Securing Hadoop – What are your options? Registration is required.

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