From Hunger to Hedgehogs: Clouderans Drive Impact in 2022 Through Global Volunteering Efforts

From Hunger to Hedgehogs: Clouderans Drive Impact in 2022 Through Global Volunteering Efforts

We summarize Cloudera Volunteer Spotlights from 2022

Clouderans in 2022 have collectively donated hundreds of hours to causes they care about around the globe. This kind of support for nonprofits is essential to their running, and to driving impact in local communities. For International Volunteer Day 2022, we are excited to celebrate Cloudera’s volunteer spotlights from 2022! 

I believe it is important to work with people and organizations that share common values to achieve their goals.”

Feeding hundreds and reducing food waste: meet Carlos Zorzin

Carlos Zorzin, based in Australia, shared his experience volunteering for a local bakery that donates leftover bread at the end of each day to shelters. Carlos volunteers two to three times per month to reduce food waste and feed hundreds of people using local shelters to access food and temporary housing.

Find out more about Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society NSW) here.

“Thinking about the chain reaction—how many people (full families, seniors, children ‘down the line’) benefit from this work and this organization. It’s humbling.”

Reducing food insecurity through a community hub: meet Michael Billau

Michael Billau, based in North Carolina, shared his experience sorting and distributing donated food to families in need, via his local church. Michael shares the impressive scale of both his contribution, donations, and then distribution. 

Find out more about Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina here.

“I become a calmer person and find myself much happier when I can help address the needs of those around me.”

Combining practical needs (food, sanitation) with a support network: meet Thatiane Freir

Thatiane Freir, based in Brazil, is a tenured volunteer with her organization, donating every Saturday for the last two years there. The organization combines its big impact (1,000 meals and 3,000 lunch boxes per month), with a support network and much-needed love and support.

Find out more about Casa de Caridad Inacio Daniel here.

“Coming from a first-generation in the US family, I was also provided with programs like this one as a kid, so I want to give back to kids in similar situations!”

Building confidence and trust in talented young people: meet Sharon Li

Sharon Li, based in California, shared her experience mentoring with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Working with one young mentee consistently, Sharon found it so rewarding to regularly connect and see confidence, trust, and knowledge grow in this young person. 

Find out more about Boys & Girls Clubs of America here.

“By the second time I participated, I saw a shift in the way the candidates engaged in the interview.”

Empowering under-represented people into employment: meet Lynne Montalbo

Lynne Montalbo, based in California, volunteers to support under-represented people take successful steps into their first professional roles. As Lynne reflects, transitioning into “the real world” is difficult for everyone, and so Lynne is there to give that essential bit of extra support during this important time.

Find out more about Braven here.

“Once you see how even a small amount of work can impact someone’s life, it’s hard to stop volunteering.”

Developing technology skills to increase diversity and equity in technology: meet Glaucia Esppenchutz

Glaucia Esppenchutz, based in Portugal, answers tech questions, mentors students, and translates materials into Portuguese to support the next generation of talent enter technology roles more equitably.

Find out more about freeCodeCamp here.

“The reward of helping those in need and the sense of team camaraderie outweigh the danger. It’s truly second to none.”

Combining longtime passion and knowledge with life-saving rescues: meet Barry Laide

Barry Laide, based in Ireland, shared his experience being on call 365 days a year, 24/7, in case a walker or mountaineer in his local area needs to be urgently rescued. It’s an adrenaline-driven way to volunteer!

Find out more about Kerry Mountain Rescue here.

“I learned how much trouble humans can cause for animals…our carelessness and neglect is the main reason why these animals (along with a lot of others) get in trouble, get injured, killed, maimed, or sick. This is why I am a regular volunteer and why I plan to continue in the future.”

Protecting the protected: meet Dániel Omaisz-Takács

Dániel Omaisz-Takács, based in Hungary, is passionate about the protected wild eastern hedgehog (and his favorite animal) in Hungary. He is trained to rehabilitate these little creatures, and also reflects that humans could do more to reduce our impact on their environments by avoiding cutting down and burning wooded areas.

Find out more about Hungary’s Hedgehog Foundation here

Thank you to all Clouderans for donating and volunteering in 2022. We look forward to hearing more of your stories in 2023 and beyond!


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