Extend Data Warehousing to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud with Cloudera Data Platform

Extend Data Warehousing to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud with Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera Data Platform is the world’s first implementation of an enterprise data cloud.  Supporting services from the Edge to AI, CDP delivers self-service on any data, anywhere. One of the first services to be delivered, the Cloudera Data Warehouse, is a service for creating self service data warehouses for teams of business analysts. Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP makes it easy to provision a new data warehouse and share a subset of the data with a specific team or department, and do so in a way that if you want to later reclaim that data in another data warehouse, that is easy to do through self-service.  We’ve also added a new management framework to enable the administrative teams to be much more productive than they’ve ever been before.

So what’s an enterprise data cloud? An enterprise data cloud delivers multi-function data management and analytics, enabling a variety of use cases on one extensible platform and with one copy of shared data. It’s  hybrid and multi-cloud enabling enterprise choice of deployment options to meet business, cost and performance requirements. Additionally, it has advanced security and governance controls to democratize data without risking compliance and regulatory concerns. And of course, it has to be open – open source, to avoid vendor lock-in, AND open architecture, interoperable with a wide-ranging ecosystem of data management vendors.

So, what does Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP do that is different?  Well, does this sound familiar?  You’re in IT at a large enterprise, with business users constantly raising issues.  You’re spending more time firefighting than getting things done, and business users want new reports launched all the time.  You’re stuck – What are your choices? You can either make other business units wait for workloads considered a higher priority to complete thus missing a number of service level agreements, or you can make new requests wait for resources to be available, thus sacrificing new workload time to value.

You know the cloud can help – however, you cannot just use ANY cloud data warehouse without creating risk.  How are you going to ensure consistent governance? How are you going to ensure consistent and appropriate security?  How can you easily transition on-premise workloads to the cloud? Apps and users need to work on a consistent infrastructure or be forced to re-test and potentially re-tool.  Also, what about traceability – how can you be sure you know where your data is? How it got there? And what is what? Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP is designed to help address all these needs – easier, faster and safer.

Why You Need Hybrid and Multi-cloud for Your Data Warehouse

Managing Seasonal Demands:  Are you struggling with meeting SLAs at predetermined peak times?  Instead of building your cluster for the top, highest watermark for all possible workloads, just to be sure you can handle seasonal peaks, you can use the cloud to handle the temporary demand.  With the cloud, we can move those “noisy” workloads and auto-scale, up or down as needed, taking the pressure off our existing systems. This will save time and cost, while satisfying all business needs.

Runaway Reports:  Do you get those calls where, out of the blue, users are complaining that their queries aren’t completing in time, if at all, all because some query has gone amuck and demanding huge chunks of your cluster?  Instead of panicking and pushing people off your cluster, you can handle these expected or unscheduled heavy users with the cloud. Since we can easily identify these renegade workloads, we can quickly move them, or their neighbors, to the cloud, often before users even notice something might be wrong, thus ensuring no surprise impacts our business.  This keeps all users happy, without incurring emergency resource management costs and without creating any business delays.

Support Special Projects:  How often do you get the request to allocate some resources to a special project, that starts off small but quickly grows?  Yet, after the project is over, we no longer need to have any resources to accommodate it? Instead of provisioning more hardware, building out more clusters, or carving out space in existing systems and constantly monitoring, we can use the cloud.  With the cloud, we can easily allocate some resources, always immediately available, and scale up automatically as the project moves to peak interest. We can then quickly revert those resources back to the pool when interest wanes. With a warm pool of resources at the ready, and with several of these special projects always going on at once, everyone gets what they need without waiting, and without wasting any resources.

Extending your Data Warehouse to the Cloud

How does Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP help?  Unlike other cloud data warehouse solutions, we support hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments and data stores courtesy of a consistent data context.  Our unique Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX) is a powerful data fabric that consistently applies data security, governance and control policies, making multi-function analytics easier to develop, less expensive to deploy, and more secure.  This avoids the problems of other cloud data warehouses – creating ever more siloed data, running on more isolated infrastructure, and increasing risk on security and governance compliance because it uses isolated security policies and metadata.  Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP with SDX mitigates those issues: data security, governance and control policies are set once and consistently and seamlessly enforced everywhere across clouds and on-premises deployments.

Cloudera Data Warehouse on CDP makes you more productive –  inferring resources needed automatically and ensuring all workloads run at optimal performance.  You can quickly respond to make data for new workloads ready to use. Handling spikes in demand? A warm pool of resources are at the ready to provide proactive allocation.  Data locked into your clusters? Not anymore, we offer seamless and continuous data movement between your data center and any public cloud. Afraid of skyrocketing costs? We help manage cloud resources through automated optimization techniques, intelligent caching schemes, and auto-suspend of unused resources so you don’t have any redundant or runaway resource consumption.  And as your VIP users demand immediate access to resources, you can isolate those intense users and let them grow to meet increased demand in real-time.

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