Driving Industry Transformation Through the Use of Data

Driving Industry Transformation Through the Use of Data

Use cases showing how your data strategy can create massive business impact

As organizations look to improve business operations and outcomes, global industries are pushing for data-driven transformation. The 2021 Cloudera Data Impact Awards recognize those organizations that have pulled ahead of the pack with efforts to leverage the power of data to improve operations and better serve their customers.

The finalists in the “Industry Transformation” category are MTN, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Sberbank, and Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). Their use of Cloudera technology provides a model for others to follow as they embark on their own data-driven transformative journeys.

…and congratulations to the winner: MTN 


A multinational mobile communications company delivering services in Africa and Asia and the big winner of the 2021 Industry Transformation Award, MTN was looking for a 360-degree customer view and real-time decision-making across the 21 markets it serves. To accomplish that, the company needed to resolve issues around outdated usage data, limited storage and processing capabilities, siloed operations, and a limited view of customers. 

MTN leveraged a data lake powered by the EVA (Enterprise Value Analytics) platform and deployed Cloudera CDP to unify data access across its operations. The result was a 56% increase in data usage. The company now has a single, holistic view of the entire business, which helps with upselling, cross-selling, and customer retention. This is a win for MTN’s customers who are able to take advantage of a more connected life. 


National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is a division of the Reserve Bank of India created in 2008 to operate retail payments systems. 

The organization wanted to improve understanding of its customers’ transactional behavior by creating user profiles based on the massive volumes of collected data. NPCI processes more than 6 billion transactions every month. 

Challenges included security concerns, a vast increase in transactional data, and the need to scale to keep up with growth.

Using Cloudera, NPCI built a data lake for its customer behavior data. Applying artificial intelligence (AI), the organization is now able to build profiles based on user patterns and behavior. In addition, the company is using machine learning (ML) for fraud detection. Ultimately, the goal was to improve the customer experience without compromising security.


Russia’s banking giant Sberbank wanted to improve its data management systems so it could deliver personalized client offerings. But first the company had to remove obstacles such as a costly legacy data management platform and a limited ability to handle the increasing speed and scale of incoming data.

Sberbank found its solution in the Cloudera platform, which it uses to manage the complete data lifecycle and power personalized services. 

The system allows Sberbank to process tens of terabytes of incremental data in a matter of hours. As a result, Sberbank has been able to introduce new offers based on customer data insights and achieved NPV (net present value) increases of up to 20% in some of its campaigns. Customer complaints have also decreased significantly.


Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) is one of Indonesia’s largest banks and operates branches across Asia as well as London and New York. The company set out to improve cross-selling and enhance its credit card business by giving cardholders more control and visibility of their finances. To accomplish these goals, the company needed to overcome challenges involving data archiving and visibility into customer data. 

BNI implemented a Cloudera solution to streamline data archiving and started to build analytical models enabling real-time cross-selling. It also started storing transactional data in an operational data store designed for big data. 

As a result, BNI has enjoyed a 30% reduction in annual storage costs, improved its cross-selling efforts, and provided credit cardholders with enhanced services.

Winner of the Data Impact Awards 2021: Industry Transformation

Join us in congratulating MTN for building a platform which has enabled hundreds of use cases across multiple business areas and enabled new digital solutions for its customers across Africa.

You can become a data hero too

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