Clouderans tackle civic challenges in San Francisco

Clouderans tackle civic challenges in San Francisco

Clouderans Sarah Olson, Ismail Dalgic, and Carol Drummond provided valuable strategic guidance for the Mayor’s Office for Housing and Community Development in San Francisco this summer. They were part of the Civic Bridge Day of Service, enlisting private sector expertise to work alongside government employees to address public sector challenges. Sarah, Ismail and Carol worked on improving the city’s training program for housing providers and proprietors. The three made sure they did their homework first.

“Fortunately, we were able to review much of their materials in advance,” Carol said. “By game day, we were prepared with a template for a new wiki and strategies for using video, managing duplicated information, and organizing the huge volume of details that the housing providers have to navigate.”

The city employees were eager for innovative ideas.

“The team covered our work space in Post-It notes to reinvent their training approach, producing a clear outline that will drive their training but also their website,” Carol said.

Cloudera was one of 10 corporate partners participating in this fruitful knowledge exchange. Others included Adobe, Blue Shield, MapBox, Slack and Twitter, who worked with other city agencies including Department of Homeless Supportive Housing, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and Department of Health.

“We saw website prototypes, mapping systems for best school routes, community redevelopment ideas through art and architecture,” Carol said. “The room vibrated with innovation and excitement at what could be accomplished in a day. We look forward to more opportunities to apply our professional skills to help our communities progress!”

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