#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Krishna Birla, Software Engineer

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Krishna Birla, Software Engineer

Meet Krishna Birla

Krishna is a Software Engineer working on our Compute Platform and operates out of Bangalore, India. His primary responsibility is to develop, test and maintain software applications that provide compute services to various Cloudera products. His day to day revolves around cloud computing, resource scheduling and API & systems designing. 

Technology and design are his major interest areas

As a computer science engineer with a minor in intelligent systems from Manipal Institute of Technology, Krishna has always held a strong interest in compiler designing, embedded systems, space sciences, networking and systems design.

In college, he was a member of the student satellite team and has worked on space grade systems design and embedded systems. He has also published research papers in the fields of compiler designing, human spaceflight and on-board data handling in nano-satellites. 

Now that he’s been at Cloudera, he has been able to add experience with cloud computing and resource scheduling to his toolbelt. As he expands within his career, he maintains a high sense of passion about the new technologies he’s working with and is excited to continue learning inside and outside of work. 

Krishna says that he wasn’t looking for this particular role but it’s been an exciting journey.

“I am very happy with where I have landed and am enjoying my time at Cloudera.”

Converting from an internship to his first full time role

Krishna was recruited to Cloudera through his college campus placement program in January of 2020 and went full-time as an Associate Software Engineer (SDE I) just 6 months later. Soon after, he was promoted to Software Engineer (SDE II)  where he is happy to be maintaining a great work life balance and seeing lots of exciting growth opportunities.

When he was asked what made him want to take on a full-time role at Cloudera, he said that fair compensation and the opportunity to work within open source software were his main drivers. Nearly two years later he still enjoys that and so much more.

“After joining and working here for some time, Cloudera has offered a good work life balance, amazing colleagues and challenging work – this is what keeps me around.”

He went on to add that “The work here is the right amount of challenging and fun, which both gets me a good night’s sleep and gets me out of bed!”

Thriving in a remote working environment

Krishna had the good fortune of experiencing both in-office work – meeting his peers in person and enjoying office perks like breakfast, lunch, and snacks – as well as a fully remote work environment. 

Today he maintains ongoing projects that enable customers to run multiple workloads in a shared environment, without resource clashes between the workloads.This increases resource utilization efficiency and truly enables multi-tenancy in products.

Regardless of where he does the work that lights him up, he says one thing remains true, ““Everyday is very dynamic, each day different from the other.”  

Enjoying Cloudera’s unique culture

According to Krishna, the Cloudera work culture is “open”. As he puts it, “our amazing work culture here allows a beginner like me to interact and learn from people with vast experience, and take up work that impacts hundreds of customers.” 

He further elaborates how the culture “inspires a steep learning curve, and is a supportive environment with the freedom to discuss, object, collaborate and innovate.”

Krishna expressed sincere gratitude for seniors and mentors who have helped him to stay motivated and curious and as Cloudera moves into its new future, Krishna is looking forward to being a part of this dynamic and exciting phase. 

How he lives his #ClouderaLife

This ever evolving engineer spends his free time playing chess and snooker, reading books and traveling whenever the opportunity presents itself. Outside of pure technology, he is also very enthusiastic about space sciences and never misses out on the chance to learn something new. His passion for learning is why his favorite company perk has been the Udemy and O’Rielly platforms that Cloudera provides for free, which allows him access to unlimited learning material on demand. 

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