#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Barnabas Maidics, Software Engineer

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Barnabas Maidics, Software Engineer

Meet Barnabas Maidics. 

Barnabas is a 3 year Clouderan working as a Software Engineer in Hungary. 

Having started his journey at Cloudera as an intern and then making his way to the Data In Motion team, Barnabas feels his first experience in the real world of work has allowed him to grow, not only professionally but on a personal level as well.

He’s always known this was the career path for him

At the early age of 14, Barnabas was already settled on the fact that he would become a Software Engineer when he grew up. After making this decision, he applied to a secondary school where he could learn programming and soon realized that he made the right decision. He shared that he likes making things, being creative and being able to see the result of his work – “software engineering was the perfect outlet for these things to happen.” 

As a Software Engineer at Cloudera, Barnabas gets to experience rewarding work with emerging technologies like Apache Kafka. As he sees it, “Kafka is a famous and widely used project. Almost every Software Engineer knows of it, and many of them use it daily. Working on a project like this sounds cool, and it is!” 

He works within a smaller subset of his team that is responsible for the development of Streams Replication Manager (SRM), an enterprise-grade solution that enables fault tolerant, scalable and robust cross-cluster Kafka topic replication.

“The team is not just about Kafka, but other components that are built around Kafka too, so we can work on different projects, full of challenges. And it’s all open-source so the community recognizes your work.” 

He’s fulfilled by the work he does but that’s not all this streaming data whiz is grateful for.

The Cloudera culture has been a pivotal part of his experience

Barnabas enjoys living by our core values and is pleased that they are so deeply ingrained in our culture.  

“One of our core values is, ‘We believe in open’. Of course, it means that almost all of our software is open-source, but it’s much more than that. Everyone is open to new ideas and open-minded as a person. Even as an intern, I felt like my ideas mattered. Senior developers listen to you and don’t dismiss you based on less experience.” 

“Be the Change” is another core value that Barnabas is deeply aligned with. “At Cloudera, you have to be proactive to get the best out of yourself. Many times, you’re not told what to do. You can come up with your own ideas to improve the product.” 

Working in the time of a global pandemic came with it’s own set of challenges

At first, they impacted Barnabas. “It was hard for me. I missed the office – I missed the people and having in-person deep technical conversations with colleagues but I had to adapt.” 

Cloudera was and continues to be very receptive of this. From providing a budget to make everyone’s home office more comfortable and work-friendly, to introducing the Unplugged Days designed to allow employees time to rest and recharge, Barnabas feels that Cloudera went to great lengths to put employees first. “I was surprised by how many different ways the company helped us to adapt to the changes. Cloudera really cares about our mental and physical well-being.”

Outside of his passion for programming, Barnabas is an avid movie watcher, gamer and enjoys time outdoors hiking. Recently, he’s also developed a knack for cooking. “During the pandemic, I got into cooking. It’s another great way I can be creative and enjoy the results of my work.” 

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Barnabas Maidics, Software Engineer

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