Cloudera Partner Network: Poised to Heat up Channel Growth

Cloudera Partner Network: Poised to Heat up Channel Growth

As the Channel becomes increasingly competitive it is critical that we establish a partner ecosystem that minimizes the friction of transacting business, and that helps partners build more strategic relationships and close larger, more profitable deals.

You asked. We delivered: Introducing the Cloudera Partner Network

Cloudera’s channel programs team constantly strives to improve how we engage, reward, and collaborate with our partners. And based on your feedback, we’re replacing Cloudera Connect with a new program, Cloudera Partner Network (CPN). It provides more comprehensive tools and support to help you go to market faster, as well as industry-leading incentives and promotions that we’ve aligned with your business and sales models.   

It’s time for a more robust partner ecosystem 

The Channel has become increasingly competitive and complex, with the average partner maintaining around 30 vendor relationships. Of course, getting the maximum benefit from those relationships, while developing and maintaining product expertise, can be a challenge. 

Rachel Tuller, head of global partner strategy and Alliances recognized Cloudera could do more to alleviate partners’ challenges. “They drive growth for us and we must make it easier for them to work with us and position our solution with their customers. So we are kicking off the revamp of our partner program to better align with our partners’ needs and business models.”

Cloudera Partner Network basics

With CPN, we’ve shifted to a points-based system driven by behaviors and competencies, which reward partners for their commitment to growing their Cloudera business. Partners unlock exclusive discounts and other benefits as they advance through four tiers: Member, Select, Premier, and Strategic. 

These are a few ways to earn membership points and other incentives:  


  • CPN competency program: Partners can earn competencies by developing solutions and driving sales in specific industries and data use cases. The program offers benefits like specialized badging and marketing materials, and a presence on our website.  
  • Deal registration: Sales partners have access to the new partner portal to record new opportunities (and closed deals).  
  • Membership engagement: Partners are incentivized to complete product training and certify Cloudera products and solutions. 
  • What’s different about the Cloudera Partner Network?  

While working with a partner should be easy, it should also create new revenue routes. We’ve designed CPN to ensure partnering with Cloudera creates value for your business. We’ve rolled out additional channel incentives, more marketing support and training, improved onboarding, and ongoing support to grow your Cloudera customer base. 

More channel incentives

We’ve increased our financial commitment to our partners by offering reduced program fees (all fees will be waived through February 27, 2023), and new logo rebates

Better marketing support

We’ve relaunched our MDF program and built new marketing tools and content into our program. Some new program features include:  

  • Proposal based MDF: Utilize flexible funding plans that can be issued to run co-marketing activities that align with our joint business plans. 
  • Campaign automation: Drive demand and accelerate time to market with pre-built, co-branded, adaptable campaigns.
  • An asset library: Access co-brandable, customizable content and the right Cloudera messaging to support your sales efforts, including customized certifications and badges. 
  • Lead management: Qualify, analyze, and nurture potential Cloudera opportunities and convert them into deals.
  • Banner creator and editable templates: Publish customized website banners to your own websites.

Enhanced partner training and enablement 

We’re providing extensive enablement resources so you can effectively position Cloudera to grow our partners’ modern data strategies.

  • Professional accreditations: Build expertise in Cloudera products, tools, programs, and resources at your own pace.
  • Cloudera Partner Academy: Access our training library with specialized learning paths for both sales and technical partner roles.
  • Specialized industry training and certifications: Develop advanced big data expertise and other real-world skills.

Expedited partner onboarding 

We’re accelerating time to sale through our new FastTrack OnBoarding Programs. 

  • FastTrack for ISVs: Supports independent software vendors, shortening their time to value and driving new use cases.
  • FastTrack for SaaS: Enables SaaS partners to go to market faster with our new CDP One SaaS solution. 

Relationship management and community building

We’re intent on building and supporting a strong partner community. 

  • Partner Success Team and Partner Success Desk: Offers 24/5 live support. 
  • Partner-specific blog and newsletter: Deliver essential articles, announcements, and news for partners.
  • Cloudera Technical Community: Supports more than 93,100 members.
  • Partner LinkedIn page: Provides news, information, and the opportunity to join the conversation.

Let’s grow together

We’ve always been focused on helping businesses maximize the value of their data. Our new Cloudera Partner Network represents our commitment to reaching more organizations with our valued partners. By simplifying processes and reducing the friction of doing business, we can focus on building strong relationships that result in larger, more profitable deals. 

And we’re just getting started. We’re actively iterating and evolving our partner offerings based on your experiences and needs. Read the official press release and visit our Partner Portal to learn more. Let us know what you think.

Natascha Lee
Senior Director, Partner Marketing
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