Cloudera Ireland Center of Excellence Certified as a Great Place to Work

Cloudera Ireland Center of Excellence Certified as a Great Place to Work

People who care about not only their own success but that of their colleagues and the business

Today is an exciting day for Cloudera as our Ireland Centre of Excellence (COE) in Cork has been certified as a Great Place To Work. It is an outstanding achievement that is testament to the culture of Cloudera and we’re delighted that we smashed many of the set benchmarks. To achieve certification we needed a composite score of >64.5% on the Employee Engagement Survey and Culture Audit Submission. Our overall score from the GPTW Institute was 96%.

So what does this actually mean? I think for each individual that works in Cork this win will mean something slightly different. We will all be bound by a sense of joy and pride. For me personally, it marks a key milestone in an amazing journey.  It demonstrates that we have hired – and retained – great people. People who care about not only their own success but that of their colleagues and the business. 

In turn as those people have been promoted, they have hired great people into the organisation. This network effect means the core values of the organisation and the pride that we feel in the Cork business is being embedded in every hiring decision that is made. That is extremely rare and very powerful.

It’s also clear people have bought into our vision on two levels. Firstly the company vision, the delivery of the objectives of Cloudera and clearly understanding how their collective and individual effort contributes to that. Secondly to the team vision. I am constantly struck by how proud employees are to be part of their team and how eager they are to represent not just themselves but also their teams at the highest level possible. This is true across teams as varied as finance, HR, operations and sales.

Determination focus

The process of applying for the GPTW accreditation sums up the Ireland COE attitude to, well, everything. We decided to do it and then two months later it was done and not only was it completed but achieved at the highest level in comparison to our peers. That for me captures the forward-moving, execution attitude of Cloudera.

Over the past five years, I personally have asked people to go outside their comfort zone, take on additional responsibilities,  to create new models and processes they had no blueprint for and not once did I receive a negative response. Of course not every experiment is a success, but every experience was taken on with aplomb and given every chance to be successful. We learned more from the failures and simply went back to the drawing board and found a better way. 

Building for the future

The accreditation brings into focus the work ethic, the high achiever ambition and camaraderie of the wider team. But of course it also creates a footprint for how we will build for the future. We are entering a new world of work. I’m speaking to people all the time in recruiting calls and internal calls and what strikes me is how the script has changed. People are less interested in how we can help them accumulate wealth and more focused on how we can assist them with their own fulfillment. Work-life balance has been replaced by life-work balance. 

The fact that Cloudera has been accredited as a GPTW, demonstrates we have a meaningful mission that people can connect with and one that will allow us to continue to attract the best talent. Those people will be empowered by the success they see around them and aspire to replicate that success. This has, and will continue, to build a flywheel of continued success and growth.

We will have to wait until February to see if we will be named as a ‘Best Place to Work.’ It’s a long time to cross your fingers but if there is a team that can do it, it’s this one.

Six years ago a small group of people set out on a journey with a vision in mind that over time with the help of everyone, they’ve built into reality, delivering a culture that we all feel accountable for. The GPTW accreditation tells me that the Cork office is not just where we work, it is now part of who we are.

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Wayne Murphy
Regional VP Sales
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