Cloudera Innovation Accelerator Debuts

Cloudera Innovation Accelerator Debuts

Building the next generation of products and solutions for a hybrid data world

Cloudera has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the data space and has delivered a data platform used by tens of thousands of engineers, data analysts, and data scientists in thousands of the largest banks, pharma, health systems, telecom, and automotive companies all over the world. 

The Cloudera Innovation Accelerator is a newly formed program with its own funding outside the core R&D team to continue the tradition of pushing the boundaries in the data ecosystem. The Accelerator is a cross-functional core team with the goal of identifying trends and evaluating product and partnership ideas that will dramatically improve the lives of data practitioners in enterprises large and small. Following a rigorous customer development process to discover and validate ideas, the core team invests in teams working on the most promising ideas to be made available to our customers.

The Accelerator focuses on elements complementary to our existing core Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) roadmap in two directions:

  • Data ecosystem 
  • Developing standalone new offerings

Core to our operating principles is putting customer and community collaboration at the heart of everything we do – from choosing which projects to take on, to evaluating their value and potential, right through to working with the community as design partners or trialing early releases.

As an example, our first project was building an end-to-end software development lifecycle solution for SQL transformation pipelines with dbt CoreTM.  We built adapters for dbt for all of the engines supported in the CDP like Apache Hive, Apache Impala, and Apache Spark in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) and via Apache Livy. With this solution our data teams can collaborate to streamline data transformation and analytics pipelines in Cloudera’s open data lakehouse using any engine, and in any form factor to produce high quality data that their business can trust. You can learn more about it here.

Get Involved

We are seeking:

  • Early adopters and design partners to test out and provide feedback for our projects. In turn, these companies get hands-on guidance setting up the projects and direct feedback into engineering in order to help us improve them and prioritize our roadmaps.
  • Ecosystem partners’ interested in collaborating to help develop integration.
  • Companies interested in talking to us about our project pipeline and providing feedback on what would have value for them to help us prioritize our investments.

Reach out to us at!

Raghotham Murthy
Corporate VP, Innovation Accelerator
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