Cloudera Fast Forward Labs is an applied machine learning research and consulting services group within Cloudera, which helps enterprises accelerate data value creation through the adoption of emerging ML techniques, cutting-edge technical architectures and industry leading ML best practices. We focus on expert knowledge transfer and skills development, empowering organizations to continually evolve, differentiate themselves and ultimately own the future of their business by leveraging open technologies and data. Enabling ethical and responsible ML outcomes to our customers, at scale, is our highest priority.  We like to think of ourselves as your data nerd best friends.

In this quarterly update, we provide an overview of our most recent work including our new interactive Experiments portal for data nerds and a rundown of upcoming events. If you’d like to receive more frequent updates, please sign up for our newsletter here (look for the section towards the middle of the page on the right, labeled “Keep Up With Tomorrow”).

Research Updates

We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming virtual event on July 24th, as we introduce two new research reports — Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning for Image Analysis (2019 Edition).  Register today!

As a follow-up to our research for our previous report, Learning With Limited Labeled Data, which focused mainly on active learning, we’ve written a couple of additional blog posts: one on meta-learning, and one on Snorkel, a first-of-its-kind system that enables users to train state-of-the-art models without hand labeling any training data.  Interested in learning more? You can catch a replay of our webinar introducing that report here.)

We’ve also posted some of our past newsletter articles to our blog, including one on Open-ended Text Generation and some thoughts on Low-Code ML Toolboxes.


True to our data nerd natures, we love to build things.  For every research report we release, we also create a prototype that showcases the capability discussed in the report; we also build a lot of things for fun.  Our new experiments portal shares a collection of the machine learning prototypes, demos, and code created by our team.


Several of us attended the DataWorks Summit in Washington, D.C. this past May; these talks were recorded, and you can find them here:

  • Hilary Mason: Building an Enterprise AI Factory
  • Nisha Muktewar: Learning with Limited Labeled Data
  • Alice Albrecht: A Framework for Developing a Winning Data Project Portfolio
  • Justin Norman: Machine Learning Model Deployment: Strategy to Implementation

Upcoming Events

If you’re attending any of these conferences, please do stop by to say hello!  In the meantime, best wishes for an excellent summer from the team at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs!

Learn more about Cloudera Fast Forward’s service offerings by visiting the links below. And don’t forget to register for our upcoming virtual event here!

Bethann Noble
Bethann Noble

Director Product Marketing, Machine Learning

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