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Three Reasons Why Apache Avro Data Serialization is a Good Choice for OpenRTB

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This is a guest repost from the DataXu blog. Click here to view the original post.

I recently evaluated several serialization frameworks including Thrift, Protocol Buffersand Avro for a solution to address our needs as a demand side platform, but also for a protocol framework to use for the OpenRTB marketplace as well. The working draft of OpenRTB 2.0 uses simple JSON encoding,

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Tracing with Apache Avro

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Written by Patrick Wendell, an amazing summer intern with Cloudera and an Avro Committer.


In my summer internship project at Cloudera, I added RPC tracing as a first-order feature of Apache Avro. Avro is a platform for data storage and exchange that caters to data-intensive, dynamic applications. My project focused on Avro’s RPC functionality.

It is common knowledge that tracing in distributed systems can be difficult.

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