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How to Get Rich on Big Data

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The 2012 Strata + Hadoop World conference was week before last in New York City. Cloudera co-presented the conference with O’Reilly Media this year, and we were really pleased with how the event turned out. Of course we launched Cloudera Impala, but there was a ton of news from companies across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Andrew Brust over at ZDNet wins the prize for comprehensive coverage of all the announcements.

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The Community Effect

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Owen O’Malley recently collected and analyzed information in the Apache Hadoop project commit logs and its JIRA repository. That data describes the history of development for Hadoop and the contributions of the individuals who have worked on it.

In the wake of his analysis, Owen wrote a blog post called The Yahoo! Effect. In it, he highlighted the huge amount of work that has gone into Hadoop since the project’s inception,

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