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Processing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals Using an Apache Hadoop Computing Cluster – Part I

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In this three-part series of posts, we will share our experiences tackling a scientific computing challenge that may serve as a useful practical example for those readers considering Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive as an option to meet their growing technical and scientific computing needs. This first part describes some of the background behind our application and the advantages of Hadoop that make it an attractive framework in which to implement our solution. Part II dives into the technical details of the data we aimed to analyze and of our solution.

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The Apache Hadoop Ecosystem, Visualized in Datameer

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This is a guest re-post from Datameer’s Director of Marketing, Rich Taylor. The original post can be found on the Datameer blog.

Datameer uses D3.js to power our Business Infographicâ„¢ designer. I thought I would show how we visualized the Apache Hadoop ecosystem connections. First using only D3.js, and second using Datameer 2.0.

Many people asked about the image above that was on our booth at the Hadoop Summit.

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How Treato Analyzes Health-related Social Media Big Data with Hadoop and HBase

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This is a guest post by Assaf Yardeni, Head of R&D for Treato, an online social healthcare solution, headquartered in Israel.

Three years ago I joined Treato, a social healthcare analysis firm to help scale up to its present capability. Treato is a new source for healthcare information where health-related user generated content (UGC) from the Internet is aggregated and organized into usable insights for patients,

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Cloudera Manager | Activity Monitoring & Operational Reports Demo Video

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In this demo video, Philip Zeyliger, a software engineer at Cloudera, discusses the Activity Monitoring and Operational Reports in Cloudera Manager.

Activity Monitoring

The Activity Monitoring feature in Cloudera Manager consolidates all Hadoop cluster activities into a single, real-time view. This capability lets you see who is running what activities on the Hadoop cluster, both at the current time and through historical activity views. Activities are either individual MapReduce jobs or those that are part of larger workflows (via Oozie,

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