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Cloudera has given its documentation set a facelift, and we think you’ll like the new look. We use more whitespace and a font that is easier to read and skim, and your pages load much faster. But the improvements go beyond the merely aesthetic.

While electronic documentation has been around for decades, most online documentation is still presented as if it were printed in books. There is a table of contents that assumes you will read the content from start to finish. There is an index at the end that lets you find topics alphabetically, if you know exactly what you want (and the author agreed that the information you want should be listed). Online search tools help, but you can receive many search results that you have to sift through.

Without taking away any of those options, Cloudera documentation now offers additional features to help you quickly locate exactly the information you need.



Every topic is organized into one or more categories. Categories include features, tasks, job roles, and other criteria to help you access topics from a variety of perspectives.


You can click “View All Categories” to start your search for information. At the bottom of every page, you can find a list of related categories. Use the links to navigate across the documentation set to find exactly the information you want.


Faceted Search

Facets are filters you can use to limit search results to areas of most interest to you. When you perform a search, you get a list of facet filters on the left and document links with snippets for context on the right.


Some facets might already be set for you, based on the page where you performed your search. (For example, if you search from version 5.6 of the documentation, the facet for version 5.6 is selected for you.) You use additional facets for product, version, audience, tasks, and other criteria to limit the results to those topics of most interest to you.

Inline References

Inline references appear at the ends of sections. They help you to follow related information, giving clues for orientation and navigation, and hints about the value of the information in the link.


Hamburger Menu

When you find the information you want, the Hamburger menu in the upper left lets you hide the navigation tree. This allows more screen room for reading.


See a Demo

Watch this two-minute video for a quick demo about using the features in the new Cloudera documentation:

Try It Yourself

Visit these latest Cloudera Enterprise docs or the other docs on  to try out the new search and navigation features. Send your feedback to

Dennis Dawson is a Technical Writer at Cloudera.


3 responses on “Check Out Those New and Improved Cloudera Docs

  1. Adam Kjems

    Super new layout is great when using IE.
    When will access using https be fixed?
    Using Chrome and Firefox the formatting elements do not load when accessing with https.