The Cloudera Developer Program: The Low-cost, Low-risk Way to Develop on Cloudera

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The Cloudera Developer Program is kind of amazing. Here’s why.

For those with a desire to build new applications on Cloudera’s platform, historically there’s been a gap to cross between pure bootstrapping on CDH (whether via a small on-premise cluster, in the public cloud, or using Cloudera Live) and obtaining full-blown support for a complete enterprise data hub with all the fixings (including Cloudera cloudera-developer-programNavigator). For individuals who have moved beyond self-learning and are getting “serious,” or smaller shops that are still in the experimentation phase, that gap can be an obstacle to maturity.

For those people, Cloudera offers a simple but attractive option that bridges the gap: The Cloudera Developer Program. Under this low-cost program, subscribers obtain:

  • A complete Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition license (software only)—for dev/test clusters of up to 10 nodes in size (install where you like; on premise or on cloud.)
  • Prioritized access to professional guidance from Cloudera engineers through the Cloudera Community
  • Discounts for training, conferences, and O’Reilly Media books


For individuals, this program can be particularly attractive because it’s portable: Register with a personal email address, and your entitlement will follow you across employers. And we know that smaller shops like it because it offers a very affordable year-long trial on the full Cloudera platform. In both cases, professional advice about deployment and tuning is never far away.

Bring your questions about the program with you to Strata + Hadoop World San Jose this week. Or, go straight to online checkout, you’ll like it!