Cloudera Engineering Interns Got Talent

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As is their custom, Cloudera Engineering’s interns made innovation, especially for Apache Spark, the theme of the Summer season.

Cloudera has a long-time tradition of searching far and wide for the smartest summer engineering interns that it can find. Alumni of the program have become start-up co-founders, faculty at top-tier CS departments, employees at other prominent technology companies (including Google, Databricks, Uber, LinkedIn), as well as many current employees at Cloudera. See some examples here.

One of the highlights of the program is the intern Projects Showcase, in which interns present their summer projects to the entire engineering organization. (There are talented interns in other departments, too.) Over the course of the program’s history, many intern projects have been committed to upstream projects and finding their way into Cloudera’s supported platform. For example, Apache Flume itself started as a Cloudera intern project by Jon Hsieh.

The 2015 showcase, as is typical, was a tour de force of innovation, personal initiative, and the “fresh eyes” principle at work. The topic areas and approaches varied widely, reflecting the diversity of the summer intern class itself, but an interest in a singular component—Apache Spark—is highly noticeable. The intern presenters spanned our offices at Palo Alto, San Francisco, Austin, and Nashua. The audience included our CEO, CSO, and CTO, reflecting the interest in the projects and the value we attach to the intern program.

Here are some examples of those projects (incomplete list):

  • Docker-izing CDH for internal testing
  • Apache Spark / Apache Avro integration
  • Fine-grained diagnostics for Apache Oozie, Impala, and Apache HBase
  • Apache Sqoop2 on Apache Spark
  • Tooling (SparkAid) for performance and productivity on Apache Spark
  • Tooling (Spark Timeseries) for robust time-series analysis on Apache Spark 
  • Incremental Metadata Extraction & Metadata Analytics for Cloudera Navigator
  • Generalization of Spark-Client module in Hive repository

(Stay tuned for blog posts that dive deeply into some of these projects over the next couple of months!)

This showcase caps off an eventful summer: The interns were grilled Cloudera executives and technical leaders at ask-me-anything sessions. They mingled with venture capitalists at Accel, as well as interns at other Accel-funded startups. They enjoyed box-seat views of a baseball game. They sweated and bled together with full-time Clouderans in an inter-company sports league.

Tom Reilly, Cloudera CEO, answers a hard question from interns, while Doug Cutting, original creator of Hadoop, looks on.

Schmoozing at Accel Partners

Cheering the Giants at AT&T Park


Representing Cloudera alongside full-time employees in the Silicon Valley Sports League

All in all, we love the work that our interns did this summer, and we wish them all the best when they return to school!


5 responses on “Cloudera Engineering Interns Got Talent

  1. Sairam Kannan

    I am interested in an summer internship opportunity with Cloudera. Can anyone tell me, how to move forward for an internship application?

    Sairam Kannan

      1. Mary Hollinger

        Hi, Justin,

        The current openings page you linked to is blank–any chance you could point us to the best place to submit an application?

        I’ve emailed, and I’m wondering if there is anything else I should do to apply.

        Mary Hollinger

        1. Justin Kestelyn Post author


          Unfortunately, applications for the 2016 program are closed due to intense volume. Sorry!

          1. Mary Hollinger

            Hi Justin,

            I understand, and what a great problem for you to have! You might want to let your recruiters know, though, since one of them told me to apply last week.