New in CDH 5.1: Hue’s Improved Search App

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An improved Search app in Hue 3.6 makes the Hadoop user experience even better.

Hue 3.6 (now packaged in CDH 5.1) has brought the second version of the Search App up to even higher standards. The user experience has been greatly improved, as the app now provides a very easy way to build custom dashboards and visualizations.

Below is a video demo-ing how to interactively explore some real Apache log data coming from the live Hue demo at In just a few clicks, you can look for pages with errors, find the most popular Hue apps, identify the top Web browsers, or inspect user traffic on a gradient colored world map:

The main features in the new app include:

  • Dynamic interface updating in live
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard builder
  • Text, Timeline, Pie, Line, Bar, Map, Filters, Grid and HTML widgets
  • Solr Index creation wizard from a file

More is on the roadmap, such as integration with other Hue apps like Hive/HBase, export/import of results to Hadoop, and more data types to plot.

This tutorial explains how to index the Apache Log into Solr and start doing your own analytics. In the meantime, feel free to give the search dashboards a try via Hue 3.6 in CDH 5.1!

As usual, we welcome any feedback via @gethuehue-user, or our community discussion forum.


2 responses on “New in CDH 5.1: Hue’s Improved Search App

  1. ARUN

    Hi Team,
    I had install the cloudera Manager on ubuntu 12.04 .
    After the installation, When I try to add the host I get the following error: Could not connect to host.

    Expanded Query Hostname (FQDN) IP Address Currently Managed Result ubuntu.ubuntu-domain No Could not connect to host.

    Wiil you please suggest me the solution for above issue.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Justin Kestelyn (@kestelyn) Post author


      Please post this issue in the Cloudera Manager area at