Cloudera Development Kit is Now "Kite SDK"

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CDK has a new monicker, but the goals remain the same.

We are pleased to announce a new name for the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK): Kite. We’ve just released Kite version 0.10.0, which is purely a rename of CDK 0.9.0.

The new repository and documentation are here:

Why the rename?

The original goal of CDK was to increase accessibility to the Apache Hadoop platform by developers. That goal isn’t Cloudera-specific, and we want the name to more forcefully reflect the open, community-driven character of the project. 

Will this change break anything?

The rename mainly affects dependencies and package names. Once imports and dependencies are updated, almost everything should work the same. However, there are a couple of configuration changes to make for anyone using Apache Flume or Morphlines. The changes are detailed on our migration page.

Again, this 0.10.0 release is a rename only. There are no feature changes, and 0.9.0 will be supported as long as 0.10.0, so that there is plenty of time to make a smooth transition. For more information, see the release notes.

Ryan Blue is a Software Engineer at Cloudera, working on Kite SDK.