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Back in October, I promised to keep marketing and sales out of this blog. We wanted to concentrate on technical topics and to choose signal over noise. Mostly, that’s meant that I let other people do the writing.

I’m breaking that habit today so that I can announce — with great pleasure! — that Doug Cutting, co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project and creator of Nutch and Lucene, has agreed to join Cloudera beginning on September 1, 2009. Doug’s contributions to Hadoop over the years have been considerable. With Yahoo!’s backing, he split the data-parallel processing engine out of the Nutch crawler to create the Hadoop project. He’s remained an active contributor and commentator, providing guidance and advice to the growing community of Hadoop users and developers.

Doug will join his project co-founder, Mike Cafarella, at Cloudera. Mike has a full-time appointment as a professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan beginning in December. In the meantime, and part-time after he starts his academic work, Mike will be working as a consultant for us here.

In the near term, we expect no change to the specific project work Doug is doing. Cloudera is excited about Avro. We intend to continue to contribute to Hadoop and related projects, and we all expect that Doug will be a critical part of both our thinking and our activity there. Besides, of course, we’re very pleased to add such a capable and experienced systems engineer to our team.

We look forward to welcoming Doug on September 1!

—Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera


15 responses on “Doug Cutting joins Cloudera

  1. Ryan Paddock

    I’m not sure who to congratulate, so congrats to both Doug and Cloudera! Doug will be a wonderful addition to the Cloudera team.

  2. Dino

    Smarts business needs smarts guys. It is a natural way for Doug, the Cloudera team is becoming “the team”.