Announcing the General Availability of Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management

Announcing the General Availability of Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management

Last month at Strata, San Francisco, we made an announcement about two upcoming products – Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management. Today, we are super excited to announce that both the products are generally available for use. While Cloudera Flow Management has been eagerly awaited by our Cloudera customers for use on their existing Cloudera platform clusters, Cloudera Edge Management has generated equal buzz across the industry for the possibilities that it brings to enterprises in their IoT initiatives around edge management and edge data collection.

We gave a fair overview of these two products in the last post we did a couple of weeks ago. Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) is a no-code data ingestion and management solution powered by Apache NiFi. With a slick user interface, 300+ processors and the NiFi Registry, CFM delivers highly scalable data management and DevOps capabilities to the enterprise. Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is an edge management solution made up of edge agents and an edge management hub. It manages, controls and monitors edge agents to collect data from edge devices and push intelligence back to the edge. CEM allows you to develop, deploy, run and monitor edge flow apps on thousands of edge devices.

Cloudera DataFlow products

Cloudera Flow Management

If your enterprise has the following set of data management challenges, then you should look at how Cloudera Flow Management can help you address such problems –

  • Data movement – unable to move extremely large amounts of data from one data center to another or from on-premises to cloud or vice-versa.
  • Continuous data ingestion – unable to handle the constant flow of high-velocity, high-volume streaming data from multiple sources.
  • Log ingestion – unable to ingest log data from thousands of applications or systems across the enterprise.
  • IoT data processing – Unable to ingest the volume of IoT data coming into the enterprise from thousands of edge agents.

By leveraging Cloudera Flow Management, your enterprise stands to gain these benefits –

  1. Prevent vendor lock-in and boost innovation
    • 100% open source technology
  2. Reduce data integration development time and costs
    • Maturity of NiFi product with 300+ processors and backed by a huge community
  3. Manage and secure data from edge to enterprise
    • Comprehensive streaming data platform with unified security and governance
  4. Stay compliant with full governance of any streaming data
    • Out-of-the-box data lineage tracking in NiFi – only product in the industry
  5. Move petabytes of data easily from any-to-any environment
    • Built to scale from ground-up with a schema-agnostic treatment

Learn more about Cloudera Flow Management here.

Cloudera Edge Management

If your enterprise is implementing IoT or has sophisticated edge streaming use cases and has the following set of edge management challenges, then you should look at how Cloudera Edge Management can help you address such problems –

  • Lack of tooling to collect and process data at the edge
  • Expensive to move data from edge to cloud
  • Building edge data collection / IoT apps require lots of coding and can be time consuming
  • Managing apps on thousands of edge points is a complex problem
  • No tooling to monitor thousands of applications running on the edge
  • Difficult in developing secure data pipelines in environments the user doesn’t have control over

By leveraging Cloudera Edge Management, your enterprise stands to gain these benefits –

  • Build edge data collections with the same agility as you can build flow apps with NiFi.
  • Build successful IoT initiatives by collecting, curating and analyzing data from thousands of edge devices.
  • Gain complete operational confidence with your edge implementation by gaining visibility into all of your deployed agents.

Learn more about Cloudera Edge Management here.


If you are interested in a deep-dive or want to get a live look at these products in action, join us live on our exclusive launch event for CFM and CEM – Data-in-Motion Tech Launch Showcase event. We will have a full panel of experts talking about the new products, showcasing various demos and answering all your questions!

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