5 Success Stories That Show the Value of Enterprise Data Cloud

What’s the fastest and easiest path towards powerful cloud-native analytics that are secure and cost-efficient? In our humble opinion, we believe that’s Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). And sure, we’re a little biased—but only because we’ve seen firsthand how CDP helps our customers realize the full benefits of public cloud. 

Organizations from across the globe and virtually every industry have used CDP to generate new revenue streams, decrease operational costs, and mitigate risks. That’s because CDP has made it possible for them to modernize their legacy data platforms and extend machine learning (ML) and real-time analytics to public cloud, all while gaining cross-functional collaboration across the enterprise. 

In our Five Enterprise Public Cloud Use Cases That Make a Difference eBook, we detail the successes a handful of Cloudera customers have had with CDP. You can download the eBook to get the whole story on each of the five customers and their successes, but in the meantime we want to give you an overview of who the customers featured are. 

Use case #1: A biopharmaceutical company doubles its R&D productivity

This customer is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. And its 40,000+ scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists, and regulatory experts all rally around a single goal: To find scientific solutions for difficult-to-treat diseases. 

But while the company is united by purpose, there was a time when its teams were kept apart by a data platform that lacked the scalability and flexibility needed for collaboration and efficiency. Disparate data silos made real-time streaming analytics, data science, and predictive modeling nearly impossible.

That’s why the biopharma company built a clinical data warehouse using CDP, which today serves as a research convergence hub. Here, all of the company’s R&D research, clinical, and third-party data sources are integrated. As a result, the company has doubled its R&D productivity. 

Use case #2: 30% faster product revenue growth in the financial services sector

This financial services provider knew there were unique revenue generation opportunities waiting in its existing data assets. It wanted to find novel ways to monetize the data it had to grow revenue and expand its customer base. Unfortunately, the data remained locked away and siloed across more than 200 disparate data warehouses. 

With CDP, the financial services provider now realizes improved flexibility, performance, and scale of data operations. CDP addresses the high multi-tenancy, contention isolation, and workload demands of the company’s largest customer use cases—all while enabling the company to find and implement unique data analytics products and services.

The company has since seen its revenue growth increase at a 30% faster rate —and dropped its OpEx cloud costs by $100K per month.

Use case #3: A global logistics company gains a 10x capacity increase

This particular company happens to operate one of the world’s largest parking networks—and it has a long track record of proven innovation and a penchant for fast-paced business models, such as its most recent foray into urban kitchens. Its existing data architecture, however, wasn’t up for the gig. As the data ingestion rate of current business grew to multiple tens of gigabytes per day, the company saw the economic and functional limits of what could be done.

There was no way its data platform could support new micro business models that connected small businesses with individuals; it simply lacked the unified data security, governance, and lineage capabilities needed. Not to mention the platform’s inability to incorporate new and unique data sources necessary to make the urban kitchen concept a success.

Using CDP, the global logistics left its restrictive data platform behind and focused on the future. It effectively and efficiently utilized real-time streaming and data analytics capabilities to create a new line of business based on IoT sensors. The urban kitchen concept went off without a hitch—and the company increased its data capacity tenfold.

Use case #4: An analytics provider for life sciences processes data 72x faster

This customer serves thousands of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices companies, all of which have sophisticated ML and data science teams to solve unique market challenges. However, meeting the ML demands of these customers was once hampered by an inflexible legacy platform. 

CDP modernized this life sciences company’s data platform and equipped it with a cloud-native architecture that moves at the speed of business and ensures security and cost control, all with the optionality of hybrid cloud.

The new architecture processes data 72x faster than before, enabling the company’s research customers around the world to focus on new products and features that push healthcare forward.

Use case #5: A financial services provider realizes €800K CapEx savings

One of the world’s largest pension investors hit a roadblock in its effort to fast forward existing business into a world that weighs the return of investments against the sustainability and societal impact of those investments. Its on-premises data systems were reaching their end-of-life (EOL), endangering critical use cases. Additionally, the platform hindered new product development due to long lead times needed to deploy real-time streaming and ML workloads.

The company turned to CDP to streamline migration of critical data workloads to the public cloud. Through this new future-proof data architecture, the firm was able to rapidly increase its innovation cycle because use cases could now be deployed in minutes versus months. And along the way, the company realized a €800K CapEx savings (roughly $950,000 USD) on infrastructure.

Take an up-close look at these CDP success stories

We’ve barely scratched the surface here on the benefits these five customers gained when they adopted CDP. Download the Five Enterprise Public Cloud Use Cases That Make a Difference eBook to learn more about how these companies all made the jump to next-generation cloud—and what you can do to follow suit. 

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