2020 Data Impact Award Winner Spotlight: United Overseas Bank

2020 was a year of immense change and disruption. Despite the challenges, 2020 also provided positive opportunities for forward leaps to be made in the realm of digital transformation. At Cloudera, an example of this leap is our first virtual Data Impact Awards, which was held in November last year. 

One of our stand out moments of the awards was the introduction of the “Data Impact Achievement Award”. This is a new award category that recognises one customer who has consistently achieved transformation across its business to create a culture of data-driven innovation. 

It is fitting that our very first winner of this prestigious award is none other than UOB, a leading bank in Asia and is acknowledged as one of the most innovative and customer-focused financial institutions. In recognition of its efforts towards driving digital transformation, UOB won the “Business Transformation” and “Data for Enterprise AI” categories over the last two consecutive years. As an organisation, UOB has proven its fundamental understanding that the future is data-driven. The company is continually advancing its efforts to prepare its entire, 26,000-strong, workforce and its infrastructure for continued digital transformation.  

Creating a digital-focused workforce 

UOB’s 12-week foundational learning and development programme — “Better U” —underscores its focus on ensuring digital proficiency and data analytics skills. The programme focuses on five core competencies deemed essential for UOB employees to master to remain relevant in the digital future. The modules of the course encourage employees to adopt a growth mindset, develop complex problem-solving skills, and acquire skills in the fields of digital innovation, human-centered design and data storytelling. The programme reaffirms UOB’s long-term commitment to provide its people with meaningful careers and to support them in their development journey. Engaging employees in a digital journey is something Cloudera applauds, as being truly data-driven often requires a shift in the mindset of an entire organisation.

Putting data at the heart of the organisation

To drive the vision of becoming a data-enabled organisation, UOB developed the EDAG (Enterprise Data Architecture and Governance) platform. The platform is built on a data lake that centralises data in UOB business units across the organisation. Utilising this centralised platform enhances UOB’s ability to roll out artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to more parts of the business quickly and consistently. 

Today, the EDAG platform is loaded with more than 30,000 files a day from across the bank’s various data systems. The platform supports more than 150 big data analytics sandboxes where more than 200 users can come to test ideas and data-based innovations. With this platform, business units at UOB can leverage big data analytics to develop deeper insights at speed, which then helps drive performance and increase productivity.

We would like to congratulate UOB on its ongoing progress and achievements, and we look forward to working with them on continuing to use data to make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow!

To learn more about UOB please visit: https://www.cloudera.com/about/customers/united-overseas-bank.html 


Arielle Diamond
Customer Advocacy Manager, Marketing Communications
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