Cloudera Videos HBaseCon 2012 | Overcoming Data Deluge with HBase to Help Save the Environment

Opower is a fast moving energy management SaaS company that collects sensor data from nearly all of the major utilities in the United States–meaning from more than 45 million American households–along with major utilities in 5 countries throughout Europe and AsiaPac. Opower manages more than 100 billion meter reads, ranging from high frequency power data (AMI), smart thermostats data, and weather data. Currently all data at Opower is stored in HBase or Hadoop (and is notably not security sensitive). This discussion will discuss Opower’s HBase architecture, highlight potential and current uses of data in HBase, share the vision of Opower’s future projects and directions, and reveal how Opower’s big data management has allowed the company to help its utility clients save enough energy to power a city of nearly 200,000 people and save utility customers more than $70 million since only 2008!

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