HBaseCon 2012 | Living Data: Applying Adaptable Schemas to HBase


Friday, May 25th, 2012


HBase application developers face a number of challenges: schema management is performed at the application level, decoupled components of a system can break one another in unexpected ways, less-technical users cannot easily access data, and evolving data collection and analysis needs are difficult to plan for. In this talk, we describe a schema management methodology based on Apache Avro that enables users and applications to share data in HBase in a scalable, evolvable fashion. By adopting these practices, engineers independently using the same data have guarantees on how their applications interact. As data collection needs change, applications are resilient to drift in the underlying data representation. This methodology results in a data dictionary that allows less-technical users to understand what data is available to them for analysis and inspect data using general-purpose tools (for example, export it via Sqoop to an RDBMS). And because of Avro’s cross-language capabilities, HBase’s power can reach new domains, like web apps built in Ruby.

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