Cloudera Videos Hadoop World 2011: Big Data Analytics – Data Professionals: The New Enterprise Rock Stars
This presentation will explore how Hadoop and Big Data are re-inventing enterprise workflows, and the pivotal role of the Data Analyst. It will examine the changing face of analytics and the streamlining of iterative queries through evolved user interfaces. The speaker will cut through hype around “shorter time to insight” and explain how combining Hadoop and SQL-based analytics help companies discover emergent trends hidden in unstructured data, without having to retrain data miners or restaff. In particular, it will highlight changes to Big Data analysis from this paradigm and illustrate stepwise how analysts can now connect to Big Data platforms, assemble working data sets from disparate sources, analyze and mine that data for actionable insight, publish the results as visualizations and for feeding reporting tools, and operationalize Map-Reduce and Big Data outcomes into company workflows – all without touching the command line.

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