Hadoop World 2011: Hadoop and Netezza Deployment Models and Case Study


Tuesday, November 8th, 2011


Hadoop is rapidly emerging as a viable platform for big data analytics. Thanks to early adoption by organizations like Yahoo and Facebook, and an active open source community, we have seen significant innovation around this platform. With support of relational constructs and a SQL-like query interface, many experts believe that Hadoop will subsume some of the data warehousing tasks at some point in the future. Even though Hadoop and parallel databases have some architectural similarities, they are designed to solve different problems. In this session, you will get introduced to Hadoop architecture, its salient differences from Netezza and typical use cases. You will learn about common co-existence deployment models that have been put into practice by Netezza’s customers who have leveraged benefits from both these technologies. You will also understand Netezza’s current support for Hadoop and future strategy. If you have currently deployed Hadoop within your organization or in early stages of learning and evaluating Hadoop, you will benefit from attending this session. It will give you an opportunity to interact with practitioners and industry experts who have successfully deployed Hadoop and Netezza within their organizations.

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