Hadoop Summit 2012 | Bayesian Counters AKA In Memory Data Mining for Large Data Sets


Monday, June 18th, 2012


Processing of large data requires new approaches to data mining: low, close to linear, complexity and stream processing. While in the traditional data mining the practitioner is usually presented with a static dataset, which might have just a timestamp attached to it, to infer a model for predicting future/takeout observations, in stream processing the problem is often posed as extracting as much information as possible on the current data to convert them to an actionable model within a limited time window. In this talk I present an approach based on HBase counters for mining over streams of data, which allows for massively distributed processing and data mining. I will consider overall design goals as well as HBase schema design dilemmas to speed up knowledge extraction process. I will also demo efficient implementations of Naive Bayes, Nearest Neighbor and Bayesian Learning on top of Bayesian Counters.

Next Steps

Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop 4